My faith in humankind is restored! Remember Cleetus, the devil boy who bumped his Mustang into my car but then when it came time to pay for repairs he lied and said he never hit me? Well I just talked to the agent with his insurance who is handling my claim and he said he mailed me a check, including compensation for a rental while my car is being fixed – HOORAY!!! Good triumphs over evil! I’m so relieved AND have learned an important lesson: If you’re involved in an accident, no matter how minor it seems, always call the police so there will be an accident report on record – ALWAYS! Even if the sod who hit you is sweet and nice and seems genuine. You never know what he/she’ll turn into when time comes to pay up.

This story will be tempered with another, more-embarrassing car tale, but I cannot share it until I upload a related photo. Stay tuned.

In other Goose news, I called about having my car repaired from when I hit a deer and the first available appointment was December 18th. Apparently the body shop I chose is crazy busy right now. From what I’m told, they do good work and they’re a Honda dealer, so I decided to wait for the December appointment. The Goose is totally drivable in the meantime – she just looks sort of pitiful from one angle. Poor Goosey. But despite the blight of that accident, she honks proudly in celebration of our victory over liar heads!

P.S. Anthropomorphizing is FUN!


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