I Made a Friend

I got on a roll last night and ended up working until nearly 8 p.m. By the time I got home, I was pretty tired. That mingled with my TERRIBLE depth perception apparently led to me parking my car a bit over the line on the right. I didn’t notice because it was dark and frankly I wasn’t paying attention. When I got to my car this morning, I found this note on my windshield:

Kind Note

Well happy holidays to you too buddy! I know it’s really annoying when people are idiots and cannot park within the lines but sheesh, gimme a break.

I must atone for this egregious parking error as not to incur the wrath of the vehicular Gods. Maybe I’ll set up a little memorial by my parking spot. Just something simple – a candle and an “I’m sorry” sign. Maybe a big cookie for good measure.


2 Responses to “I Made a Friend”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Gah! I hate f**ers who leave those notes. Once I was at Meijer and saw an elderly couple go back to their car next to mine to find one of those nasty notes and it broke my heart. (They weren’t even parked that badly.) What kind of jerk picks on old people?

  2. Jay Dub Says:

    Should I call you Richard now!!?? 😀

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