Good Morning

*I suppose it’s not morning for most of you, only for a slacker like me. I only got up about an hour and a half ago. I had BIG plans to get up early and work for a few hours and then clean for a few hours. Hahahahahahahahahahaahhahaha-foolish me for thinking I’d get my arse out of bed. Instead I slept in, bundled up in a cozy cocoon in my bed. The sleep was great but the condition of my apartment is HELACIOUS. I mean it’s really bad – clutter, dust, fur balls, mess, crap, laundry…the list goes on and on.

Ern is coming to Indy today and we’re going to hang out. I sent her a textie telling her when she arrives and buzzes, I’ll come out to meet her instead of buzzing her in. I know that is silly but I would be embarrassed for anyone to see the state of my apartment right now. I’m a good hostess. I like to make visitors wait out in the cold, trembling in an icy puddle.

Oakie and I went to the Nutcracker at Clowes last night. The performance was magical – a feast for the senses. Everything was incredible – the costumes, from the sparkly tutus to the velvety corsets; the set design, including a GIGANTIC, growing Christmas tree; and the familiar, moving, expressive music. The girl who played Clara is a senior at Butler – she was SO convincing as a bright, playful child. Prince Nutcracker was deliciously handsome and dashing. He masterfully lept hither and yon (apparently ballet makes me say things like that). There were also some younger performers between seven- and 12-years-old. They were so astounding and professional. My favorite part was Mother Ginger and the Polichinelles. Mama Ginger was actually played by two people in an enormous costume. The sweet Polis poured out from under it. They were SO precious. One girl looked about seven- or eight-years old and she did some incredible gymnastics – cartwheels and back handsprings like it was NOTHIN’. The crowd loved her. It was so much fun! It still confounds me how the ballerinas stand on those toe shoes. They look so delicate and lovely but I know they pretty much maul their feet. I took ballet for a few years when I was little but really preferred tap, which I took longer. I’d love to get into tap again. Lean and I talked about taking a tap class for fun. Once we’re properly trained, we’ll be available for Bat Mitzvahs and coming out parties. 

When I saw all the kids performing, I wondered if as a parent you would encourage a daughter who wanted to be a ballerina or not, because of some of the less-than-appealing aspects – eating disorders, insane pressure, and injuries. I know there are many wonderful aspects as well. I guess you’d have to be extra vigilant that your child not do anything unhealthy. (I think it’s great when guys are interested in ballet too, BTW. I really admired the young boys who performed. I’m sure it takes guts and courage and they all did a fantastic job.)

I have needed to get groceries all week so I decided to go grocery shopping after the Nutcracker. Watching Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Price basically deterred me from ever shopping at Walmart again but it was late and I needed so many different things so I caved and went to Super Walmart, which is open until midnight. I immediately regretted that decision, as I always do.  The prices are cheap but the store is TOO huge, there is shizzle in all the aisles, and the produce blows. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Today I feel dirty and shameful. Must visit Trader Joes to even the score.

In related news, I heard we’re getting a Whole Foods in Indy – YAY!! I was kind of bummed to hear they’re tearing down some trees to build the store, but apparently they plan to plant some trees to replace them. I’m hoping the benefits of the organic grocer will outweigh the positives. What do you think?

*I wrote this around 1 p.m. this afternoon, but am just now posting it. I didn’t sleep that late. 😉


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