My New Favorite Notebook

You know I have lots of silly sayings, right? A recent snarky addition is “Reach for the stars!” It makes a great segue when you’ve done something really dumb or demonstrative of under achievement. For example:

Lean: I tried to call but you didn’t answer. What did you do all day? 

Me: I woke up at noon, ate lunch, and then napped for the rest of the afternoon. Reach for the stars!!

Or: (actual conversation)

B: okay…

B: i was naughty last night…

B: Islept w/ a freind’s boyfriend.

Me: Eeeks

Me: Is the friend mad?

B: they are ina an open relationship

Me: Yowsa

B: I am good at boundary.

Me: Good job

B: Reach for the stars.

Heh. Well, look what I found in the mail today:

Best Notebook Ever

JayDub saw it and thought of me – hee! I’ll definitely be using it during interviews and other professional engagements. And from now on when I do something dumb, I’ll just grin sheepishly and flash my notebook. It’ll save me all kinds of time. LOVE it! 


One Response to “My New Favorite Notebook”

  1. Jay Dub Says:

    **FINALLY** She checked her mail!!! woots!

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