What the Heck I’ve Been Up To, Bullet Style

Tammy, DLT, Lisa, Cmac, & Me 

The last week has been a whirlwind! Here’s what I’ve been up to, intermingled with a few random tidbits:

  • I learned a new word: pecksniffian. It means hypocritical or sanctimonious. LOVE it! It sounds like something dirty you do when you’re making out with a boy. Heh. 
  • I took last Friday off to go shopping with some friends who came up from Bloomington.
    • We spent WAY TOO LONG in Bath & Body Works trying to figure out what three of us needed to buy in order to use this $10-off-when-you-spend-$30 coupon. Dear God, it took us forever to get it sorted out. Ciphering is hard. Then the B&BW clerk tried to get us to buy this tacky Gingerbread candle dealie, which only confused us more! I stopped shopping at B&BW because I found their lotion to be greasy but they have some new stuff that looks interesting. I do like their hand soap so I got three bottles of that, each boasting its own fruity, exotic scent.
    • As you can see above, we had our photo taken with Santa at the mall in Greentucky. Being an unruly pack of over-shopped adults, I think we scared him a tad.
    • I tried on a hideous pink wig at a kiosk in the mall and the clerk nearly kicked my ass. Evidently you’re supposed to wear a hair net when you try on hair pieces. Ooops!
    • We started shopping in the morning and I bonked right about the time we hit Old Time Pottery at the end of the day. I was SPENT, physically and figuratively and wanted nothing more to do with anything commercial or capitalistic in nature. I used the remainder of my time trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. 8) More pictures coming soon. 
  • Matt Damon does a mean Matthew McConaughey impression. Hysterical!
  • One of my Mom’s students copied 90% of her paper by cutting and pasting content from 3 Web sites. She’s had students plagiarize before but this is the most lazy attempt. You would think she’d at least TRY to be subtle about it!
  • Of note: one research company is predicting blogging will peak in 2007
  • Moxy & I saw The Holiday last Sunday. It was VERY sweet, romantic, and fun. I adore Jack Black and Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz was as irresistible as ever. Jude Law couldn’t have been more charming and gorgeous. This movie should clearly land him back in the hearts of women everywhere. He plays a sweet, lovable widower caring for two kids. Snaps to his publicist for finding a way to erase the blight of his nasty nanny affair.
  • Monday afternoon, I left for an e-mail marketing conference in Chicago. I stayed downtown at the Allerton Crowne Plaza. Finding that place and parking were nightmarish. It’d been awhile since I’d driven in downtown Chicago rush hour traffic and I’d forgotten that some of the drivers are mean as hell. All that misery was washed away when I saw my hotel – it was STUNNING and very luxurious. The rooms are small and oddly laid out but I think that’s because of the restricted nature of the space. Fortunately, the bed in my room was the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in. It was like HEAVEN. They even provided a sleeping mask, soothing lavender spray, and ear plugs, which I initially informed B were suppositories. 😉
    • I accidentally left a pair of pants and a sweater hanging on the back of the bathroom door in my room. Oops!
    • I got to hang out with B several times – yay!
      • Monday evening we ordered room service (you don’t want to know how much the bill was) and watched Jesus Camp. WOW – what a documentary. It’s really quite shocking, at times sad, and very enlightening. It’s about a fundamentalist Christian camp for kids.  Definitely watch it if you have a chance.
      • Tuesday evening I took a cab to B’s ‘hood and we went to a FABULOUS sushi restaurant. It’s was sort of nouveau cuisine. The flavors were so inspired and delicious – YUM! After dinner, we bought a log at 7-11, lit a fire back at B’s place, (which, by the way, is VERY rad) and watched Hacking Democracy. It’s another ‘must see’ about how vulnerable the electronic voting machines used in our elections are. All the policies regarding those machines are ridiculously clandestine, inviting malicious tampering. (I understand the need for the machines’ code to be kept private but in my opinion, the extent to which that secrecy has been taken is hindering the voting process, rather than helping it. Some VERY, VERY sketchy stuff has gone down.) And tampering there has been – not just by one party. Democrats and Republicans have been naughty, although I think it’s pretty clear which party was responsible for the madness of recent presidential elections.
        • I loved that the person who headed up a grass-roots movement to investigate the validity of some of the 2004 Ohio election results was a midwestern wifey named Bev. She kicked ass and probably makes a mean tator-tot hotdish.
    • I learned a lot at my conference, especially since I’m not a marketing person. For days, I traversed the permission pyramid, all while being peppered with terms and phrases like “the pillars of direct marketing,” “psychographics,” and “multi-channel campaigns.” More importantly, I sat next to a cute and VERY sweet guy from Nebraska.
    • In my recent, albeit limited experience with marketing folks, I’ve found they’re generally very attractive. I think their least-attractive representative is more attractive than the least-attractive, non-marketing working sod. Marketing 5s and 6s are like 7s and 8s to the rest of us. Am I way off here or do you agree? I can see why it would be beneficial for marketers to be physically appealing, but it’s also irritating something so vacuous matters.
  • Does the Roomba actually work? If so, what about the new Scooba?

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