I ♥ Trader Joe’s

I live really close to a Trader Joe’s, but hadn’t shopped there in awhile until recently, when I went to get some peanut butter I know they carry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter but don’t keep it in the house because I’ll eat it up in a heartbeat. It’s loaded with fat and even though it’s the good kind of fat, it wouldn’t be good because I’d eat 15 jars’ worth a day. So when I heard about Better’n Peanut Butter, I was amped to try it. It has a teenth the fat and calories of regular PB, but it’s really tasty. Mmmmm!

I picked up a few other treats while I was at TJ’s, including spinach tandoori chicken with rice that came frozen in a bowl. After a few minutes of microwaving, I dug in and was pleasantly surprised. Soooo good. Trader Joe’s also sells prepared pizza dough – white and whole wheat. Bonus: it’s low fat and freezes beautifully. Tonight I baked up some topped with rosemary, Italian seasoning, and spray butter. It was AWESOME. 

I noticed that TJ’s offers some relatively healthy deli-ish foods that would be great when I’m on the run. The hummus, cilantro lime noodle salad, burritos, lasagna, and tabouli looked especially delish (although I make a mean ‘bouli myself.) So much unique, yummy stuff, and don’t forget all the organic offerings. Yay for Trader Joe’s! 


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