A Lesson in Troubleshooting

Moments ago…

B: what doe sit mean when I get a error message taht reads”Internet Exploirer could jno open the search page?”

Me: What’st he link?

B: it’s a bunch of them

B: some work, some don’t

Me: Hmm, but you’re still connected to the nets becauase we’re talking

B: yes

Me: Try closing ALL your browser windows. Then reopen and try again

B: could there be a problem in my beta sector?

B: I just keyed in the modulator access coding on a gamma DOS.

Me: Did it sort out the registry fluxinator?

B: Yeah, and it looks like my VPN is not reading my HTML-rich commands.

Me: Hmm. Maybe you should restart in DOS and set the ethernet to null.

B: No fucking way–I don’t want my default nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnprinetr to reset and not be able to read my subnet mask/cloaking device.

Me: Good point. Just be certain your admin privledges are global before pinging the server.

Meebo Message: B is offline


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