1-2-3, La La La

Work has been interesting this week. I’m in the midst of my first inventory and DEAR GOD THE COUNTING! My brain is spin-y and swirling with numbers; like when you play Tetris all day and then when you try to go to sleep, your brain is still at it. The poor warehouse people have to count EVERYTHING – thousands and thousands of bits and bobs. It must be mind numbing. The rest of us are responsible for random spot checks – we even get fancy red pens! Needless to say, I’ll be happy to return to my normal coding and downloading of porn.

I had such fun making my Christmas thank you cards last night. I even made some purdy envelopes. When I sorted through all my card making supplies, I was shocked at how much I’ve accumulated. I decided I’m not allowed to buy anything else for awhile. Of course that doesn’t stop me from keeping a ridiculously-long list of cool stuff I want, like this. Fun, no? 

I did something really clever last night that resulted in a hellacious mess, which in turn resulted in a cleaner kitchen floor. Awhile ago, JayDub gave me a heads up about a killer sale on Tide, which is a staple for me. I bought a gargantuan jug of it, which my Mom used while she was visiting. She noticed the jug was leaking, so she set it on a tray to catch the drips. While cleaning up, I put that tray in the dishwasher. There wasn’t even that much Tide on it but within moments of running the dishwasher, my entire kitchen floor was completely flooded with foamy Tide water. It was slippery as hell but smelled lovely and now my floor is shiny and fresh. I’m totally cleaning this way from now on. In the bathroom, I can just fill a blender with Tide and run it without the lid on. (Note to self: Send my hints to Heloise.) 

P.S. My Mom has always enjoyed sending me Heloise’s most absurd suggestions. One that comes to mind is to store your spaghetti in a Pringles can. Another is to save all the teensy slivers of soap you eventually end up with and cram them into the foot of a knee high or some old pantyhose. Then you’re supposed to use it as a body scrubber. Can you imagine? You might save 15 cents on soap but who wants to lather up with an old hoof garment?


One Response to “1-2-3, La La La”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Can’t you just store spaghetti in, say, the spaghetti box? 🙂

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