Please Admire My Pup

Fluffy GirlRemember awhile back when I tried to take Abbs to Petsmart for a bath? In her infinite, fluffy wisdom, she determined it was not the proper time for grooming and simply refused to cooperate. In her defense, Petsmart was crazy busy at the time. Dogs were yappin’ and all the dryers were roaring loudly; Abbs hates loud noises and is a bit skittish in new situations.

After The Great Bath Incident of 2006, I waited a few weeks and then took Abbs back to Petsmart to have her nails trimmed. She did very well, so I scheduled an appointment for her to have a bath last Saturday. I made sure we had a very calm, relaxing day and nonchalantly dropped her off around 4 p.m. This time, she behaved very well the entire time, refusing only to have her ears dried under the loud dryer. The groomers said it was a quiet afternoon, which probably made her feel more comfortable.

When I picked up Abbs, I couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked. I’ll admit I’m biased but WOW – what a lovely girl! She’s a mix pup, but has a very Great Pyrenees-like coat. It’s SUPER thick, with a dense undercoat. Through the years, I’ve tried a million different brushes and combs, but have been unable to stop the great, white tide. I keep lint rollers in my office, car, purse, and every room in my apartment. (I also have to vacuum a lot, but haven’t been very diligent lately.) And you should see when she’s blowing her coat between seasons. It takes nothing to pull enormous handfulls of hair from her floofy bits. Fortunately Petsmart offers a service that’s supposed to help control shedding. I don’t remember all the details but I think they use a conditioner that sticks to the undercoat. Whatever it was, it worked SO well. Her fur is soft and silky and 100 times less thick and suffocating. She looks like she’s lost 50 pounds and seems so much more comfortable. What a relief!


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