Won’t Leak in Flight!

Uniball Vision EliteI’ve mentioned my pen fetish before, though I haven’t acknowledged its true pervasiveness. Fortunately, since I’ve been out of school, it isn’t as crucial for me to have lots of cool pens, because I’m not taking notes everyday. I still heartily appreciate a bangin’ ballpoint and am always on the prowl for new candidates to add to my arsenal. (I may have even nicked borrowed a few cool pens from bank tellers, unattended counters, and desk drawers bolted with pickable padlocks…er, uh…Bic rhymes with “dick.” Huhuhuh.)

I’m a BIG fan of Uni-balls, especially the latest edition to their line, the Vision Elite. This pen is one bad mutha. It’s smooth, precise, totally gripable, and even promises not to leak on plane rides. I splurged and bought an eight pack that includes every color. I’ve been in heaven, penning Thank You notes and making up ridiculous excuses to scribble on anything I can get my ink-stained hands on. Try ’em!


One Response to “Won’t Leak in Flight!”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    I have an office supply fetish too. I love looking at all the cool pens and markers and notebooks and flower-shaped post-its at Office Max. I just bought some Pilot G-2 gel pens that I’m liking a lot. Funny, since I type waaay more than I write.

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