Fungus Experimentus Flopus

Last night, I finally got around to trying this cream of mushroom soup recipe. It didn’t turn out too well, but I’m not sure exactly what went wrong. The recipe called for dried porcinis and morels and luckily, Marsh’s dried mushies were 20% off. They had porcinis but no morels, so I got chanterelles instead. Do those not work well in soup? Even with the discount, dried mushrooms are expensive and they came packaged in an odd quantity so the total amount I ended up buying was a little less than the recipe called for. On top of that, I only bought one shallot, which chopped, didn’t make up 1/3-cup. As usual, I substituted spray butter for butter and fat-free half and half for the cream. All these exceptions conspired to create a rather bland tasting amalgamation. I even tried adding some thyme (which at the time, seemed like a good mushroom adjunct?) but it didn’t do much to kick up my mishmash. Overall, a bust, although I saved my concoction to see if 24 hours in the fridge might help matters. I’ll keep you posted, as I know you’ll be chompin’ at the bit. 😉

Um, I haven’t mentioned this in at least 24 hours so just to reitterate, Ed Norton is HOT (and I mean hot-because-he’s-brilliant-and-talented-hot) and I cannot wait to see The Painted Veil.

So Lean and I talked about taking this class to learn fun, handy tips for traveling on the cheap. The problem is, it’s next week when my Pappy is coming from Florida to visit. I already have to teach a few evenings while he’s here, so I want to spend as much time as I can with him when I’m not working. Hopefully, the class will be offered again.

Over the holidays, I very poorly managed my eating and now I find myself stuck in a rut. I’m having a really hard time getting back on track. It’s so frustrating! Can someone please remind me to focus on my 10 months of hard work and progress instead of the last few weeks of pathetic, compulsive noshing? It’s just a reminder that no matter how far I get, I will always, always have to be hyper vigilant about my vittle intake. It’s so easy for me to slip back into unhealthy patterns. BAD. B.A.D. And possibly boring blog fodder, so I’ll stop now.  

P.S. I’ve never paid much attention to American Idol, but the last two nights, I’ve been inexplicably drawn to it. Some of these people are SO FREAKIN’ BRAVE and crazy bizarre! It’s painful yet I cannot change the channel. Simon is so mean, but he makes me giggle a little. I can’t deny there have been a handful of really talented performers. One girl was born to a crack-addicted mother and later saved by her grandmother. She has a lovely voice and a palpably sad, but beautiful spirit.


4 Responses to “Fungus Experimentus Flopus”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Ooh, thanks for the adult education link. I’ve been thinking about taking some sort of enrichment class, but didn’t know where I could do that locally. Hmmm, maybe Turbo Cardio Kickboxing?

  2. A-frame Says:

    Reminder to you, darling: focus on your 10 months of hard work and progress instead of the last few weeks of pathetic, compulsive noshing. Except that I think this time of year – winter? cold? – is partly to blame for this urge to consume. The Lawson-Hayes household is full of people and felines eating twice what they should, and of course not a green leafy thing to be seen. For dinner Thursday night I ate pizza and Oreos. My coworkers indulge the same way right now. Worthwhile excuse? Hardly. But I do see a pattern. Be patient and strong at the same time. xoxo.

  3. A-frame Says:

    One more idea: does rosemary go with mushies? Not being a mushy-fan, I haven’t experimented. But it would add backbone.

  4. Amelia Says:

    Hubby & I had an excellent mushroom soup recipe. It was in a cookbook his grandma gave me. We seem to have lost said cookbook, but if/when it turns up I’ll send the recipe your way.

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