Gird Your Loins

The “He’s just not that into you” episode of Sex and the City is on!! And while the notion is unpleasant, it TOTALLY rings true…and that’s all I have to say about that tonight. Thank you for your attention.

P.S. As of 1999 (ish?), my scrunchies have not seen the light of day. While understandable, the axiom responsible for this is unfortunate because rubberbandish hair thingies can be hard on your hair and tear it out. Scrunchies are gentle and forgiving, but alas, terribly fashion backward, unforward, not cool.

P.P.S. I can discuss topics like this because I’ve so clearly demonstrated my coolness time and time again.


One Response to “Gird Your Loins”

  1. Kait Says:

    Some of those fabric covered elastics (not scrunchies) aren’t too bad, with the ripping and tearing (in my experience). I guess it depends on your hair type.

    If you wear them at home, I won’t tell anyone! 😉

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