A fun chic in Lean’s office started selling Avon. I don’t really wear make up, other than gloss (and yeah I know I probably should), but I flipped through the catalog and found some fun stuff to order. I got bubble bath, lip balm and lotion (for Lean’s and Moxy’s stockings), gloss, and Instant Manicure Dry Nail Enamel Strips. I had seen and heard about them and was dying to know it they work. They also happened to be on sale for $4.99/pack, which contains 18 strips. 

To review, I bit my nails until I was 18. I finally stopped and since then, it’s been important to me to have pretty nails. So I have 50 horngillion colors and types of nail poilish, mainucure tools, a nail dryer, and even a parafin wax hand dipper deal. Dork! I know, but so much of it has been gifts and I love every li’l bit! 

So the Instant Manicure strips are basically nail polish stickers you slick on your nails, then tear off the extra bit, and lo, sassy digits. I must say that applying those mothers took me three times as long as it would’ve taken to paint my nails the old-fashioned way. The process went more smoothly once I had the hang of it, but it still requires some careful effort. I should note that I had problems because most of the stickers were too big for my fingernails (but people sometimes comment that I have smallish, tapered fingers so normal peeps may not have that problem.) The next few days will be interesting because if the results last longer than painted-on polish lasts, the extra time will be worth it.

I definitely would not pay the normal price for those puppies, which is $8. If they’re on sale and I get them again, I would choose a lighter, subtler shade. I chose Berry Fast, which is pretty but isn’t very forgiving of ill-fitting stickers and mistakes. All in all, a fun, if a tad tedious.

Please excuse the bad pic. I took a million trying to get a good photo to show you the results. Please buy me a new, cool camera!

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