As I type, Pappy is snoring softly, conked out on the couch. I picked him up from the airport around noon today. When he left Florida, it was 70°! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? My poor Dad may be having back surgery later on in the spring, in which case I’ll fly to Florida to help with his recovery. Although the circumstances are unfortunate, it would be nice to bask in the toasty sun.

When my Mom visited over the holidays, she’d aged such that I suddenly became acutely aware of her years. She doesn’t look or act anything CLOSE to 58, but I can see her slowing down in small ways, settling quietly into her twilight years. I cannot possibly begin to even think about a time when my parents won’t be a phone call away. I can’t imagine my life from that perspective. There have been many challenges, but I’ve also been extremely fortunate to have bright, loving, giving, hilarious parents. I hope and pray they’ll both enjoy many peaceful years to come.

A sweet woman at work, who often makes a point of saying hello, recently asked about my holiday plans. When I told her my Mom was coming into town, her face brightened. She fawned warmly at how lucky I was, telling me she didn’t have any family left. Last week we chatted in the kitchen and she again asked about my upcoming plans. This time I told her my Dad was coming to visit, and she immediately bubbled over, reminding me how fortunate I am and practically begging me to keep in touch with my family members, even if we’ve had a disagreement. She wisely noted that although friends are great, there’s nothing like family. After both these conversations, I’ve felt especially grateful for my blessings.

On a lighter note, I bought Incubus‘s latest album today, Light Grenades. I’ve long been a fan of this band and was especially bowled over by Morning View. I kept that album on repeat for months and months and months after Chris and I broke up. Based on my first few listens to Light Grenades, the clear standout is Dig, which I love SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. The lyrics, with their beaming euphony and Brandon Boyd’s voice, with its mezzo warbles and incandescent upper range – AWESOME. I love how he makes the dark passages of an album bearable by gifting the listener with a hopeful, golden, ‘me + you = magic’ tune. Plus, yummy.


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