My position at my job was newly created when I started and there were no offices available for me to move into. Instead, my boss did some scrambling and created a cube-ish space for me. It’s not bad, but frankly it’s teensy, ill-equipped, and relatively isolated from pretty much everyone I work with. (This has contributed to my work ennui in the last 6 months, because I’ve felt like such a loner. Whenever coworkers visit they always comment about how far away I am.)

Which brings me to the Gregorian portion of my tale: The 2006 calendar I had in my office stood on its own and didn’t require hanging but my new, fun zen flower 2007 calendar from World Market does. I tried to hang it on my cube wall but for-the-life-of-me, could not. I tried thumb tacks, paper clips, even willing the calendar to magically shellac itself to the stubborn, fuzzy cube wall. I turned to the building guy for some advice. (He’s so sweet and nice and has always been very helpful. Remember when my nameplate wouldn’t stick to the outside of my cube wall? He would not rest until he’d resolved that problem.) Once I’d chatted with him, intent on finding a solution, off he scurried down the hall, brain a’churn with DIY ideas.

The next day, when I rolled into work, I found my calendar hanging tidily in my cube:


Totally Advanced Hanging Mechanism, right?? I’m impressed! Check out the sturdy, cotton string and re-purposed paperclip. The building guy rules. 🙂

Funnily enough, today I found out that several people in my building are moving to offices downtown. When the big-higher-up guy told the managers about that, one of them piped up and asked if I could have one of the newly-vacant offices. Wasn’t that sweet? (Sidebar: She has the best attitude and not in a get-real-Pollyanna way. In fact, one of my New Year’s resolution-ish-goals is to mirror that type of glass-half-full demeanor.)

I had my first performance review today and my boss mentioned the offices that are opening up. I acted surprised and demure but secretly drooled a little. It would be so nice to be closer to everyone and to have a proper space with real walls and a door and a puce-colored, institutional filing cabinet. I know, I know – I’m a dreamer! 😉


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