I wish I had a way to record phone calls and transfer them to my computer. For one, you’d get to hear B singing “My Name Is B,” the hilarious rendition of “Luka” he so thoughtfully left on my voice mail last month. You could also enjoy the conversation I just had with my Dad. You may recall that he’s a bit of a technophobe. This afternoon, while hanging out at my place until I finish work, he bravely decided to watch a DVD. After popping in disc three of season one of Golden Girls (yes, it’s a sickness my whole family is afflicted with) he found himself stuck on the main screen. I tried to walk him through the steps and heard responses including, but not limited to:

  • “So, this is the little gray one, right?”
  • “Wait a minute. How the hell do I do that??”
  • “Arrows? Wait! Lemme see here. *mumbling* *pregnant pause* Push where??”


In summary, sugar-free Jello makes a delicious snack!


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