Tunes and Tea

Yesterday on the way to work, I heard Mat Kearney playing live from the studio of Z99.5. I’ve seen snippets of the video for his single “Nothing Left To Lose.” When I first heard that song, I thought it was Chris Martin – I cannot get over how alike they sound. He also channels Jack Johnson at times. So why am I going on about this kid? Because his performance on the radio was really great. He played guitar and sang so effortlessly; you would never have guessed it was a live performance instead of a studio recording. I always think it’s admirable when performers are stellar singers, songwriters, and instrument-players. Good for him!

In other tune news, I’m diggin’ Beck’s latest single, “Think I’m in Love.” I wasn’t all that amped on “Nausea,” but still generally love his music and plan to snatch up his latest album. I will never forget in ’94 when my friends and I figured out what he was singing in the chorus of Loser. We felt so cool…so with it…so totally hip to “alternative” jive. (DORKS) Mellow Gold is definitely the soundtrack to some of my more deviant frosh behavior. 

I can’t continue without commenting on The Shins’ new album, with which I’m utterly besot(ten? teth? ted?) I saw them perform at Lollapalooza last summer, where they played some of the new songs. (I love the larking about with ooooozingly flawless waves of harmonies at the end of a song, à la The Beach Boys.) Lolla was such a sensory overload. I had so much to say but only ever got around to writing about day 1 and The Shins played on day 3. But from that show, I can clearly recall looking up to this view:

The Shins - Lollapalooza '06

Good times. Now I have to figure out how to justify buying two more albums when I’ve just ordered five from, downloaded another, and bought yet another at CVS. (What?? It was a Steve Miller CD on sale for a few bucks! NO. BRAINER.) I guess I have a problem. But it’s got a good beat and I can dance to it.

P.S. I heard “Shine On” from Jet’s latest album the other day and sunk drowsily into my happy place. I love the extremes those Aussies manage to so deftly traverse.

P.P.S. Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? You know how I love the tea (raised on it – such is the nature of any decent southern clan) and especially the tea pots. So drink up…or have your leaves read…or stain your curtains the perfect shade of Earl Gray. Cheers!


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