Not Tryin’ to Front

I may as well just come out with the truth, as unpleasant and mortifying as it may be. Here goes: my laundry situation is so desperate, indeed SO dire, I’m wearing knee-high purple trouser socks and no undies.


Nice combo, right? I think we all remember how I sometimes get behind on laundry and end up destitute and foundation-less, relegated to wearing such odd pairings as panty hose and a beanie, edible undies and flippers, or a girdle and legwarmers. But today I stand before you, unashamed and proud of my revelation. I am not an animal!!!

P.S. Does the fact that there are dainty blue flowers embroidered on the cuffs of my socks mean I get extra style points, you know, to counterbalance the whole commando issue?


2 Responses to “Not Tryin’ to Front”

  1. Ruby Says:

    I love it! To think a woman can go “free” is off the charts! I think the dainty blue embroidered flowers do more than just counterbalance the whole commando issue, they evoke even more of a “romantic, sensual, ladylike” feeling. To go commando is like dancing in the rain when nobody’s watching… except Mother Nature always makes sure of clean rain. Therefore, you might want to make sure of your own cleanliness before allowing anyone else to come plan in the rain with you!!! 🙂

  2. Ruby Says:

    err, play!! 😉

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