My Dad and I just watched the end of the UVA vs. Duke game and UVA won in overtime! It’s such an exciting win because UVA hasn’t beaten Duke since 2002 and Duke is an ACC Goliath, a formidable opponent for even the most talent-packed team. And why do we care? 1: My Dad is a UVA alumni and 2: When you grow up in the south, at the very least you appreciate and may even love ACC ball.

In other news, Pappy has decided to stay a week longer. I’m so excited because we hadn’t been able to see each other for so long and it’s been wonderful getting caught up and spending time together. Also, he may be having back surgery soon and won’t be able to travel for quite awhile. Plus he’s been totally embroiled in the rebuilding of his apartment, which was pretty much destroyed by Wilma. Naturally, all that’s been very stressful and overwhelming, so it’s been great for him to get away and relax in a space that isn’t under construction. Finally, I have a yucky test coming up, the results of which may be no biggie, but it would be nice to have a family member nearby for emotional support. Bottom line, it’s a win/win for everybody if he stays longer. On three…1-2-3: Yay Pappy!!


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