Were I Mr. Steinbeck

I listened to The Writer’s Almanac on the way into work today, which I love. Unfortunately, getting to hear it in the car usually means I’m late to work but a writer must make many such sacrifices for her craft. 😉 This morning, I heard Garrison’s rumbling proclamation that Steinbeck published Of Mice & Men on this day in 1937. Apparently he was nearly finished writing the novel when his dog snagged the manuscript and tore it to pieces. He had to start all over! Can you imagine?? I’m thinking if that’d been me, my dog would’ve found his way to the sausage factory.

P.S. I’m going to see Garrison LIVE in a few weeks – YAY! Having moved from the south to Wisconsin, I can verify that his Wobegon depictions are spot on, including the strange-but-lovable accents. I will never forget hearing a Minnesota Public Radio reporter declare during a bad winter storm, “Thow-seends of Minn-eee-soht’ns errr with-oo’what poh-werr too-nigh-uht.”

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