Oh, That Cancun

Tonight Lean and Moxy and I agreed to meet at Cancun for dinner. I arrived a little early, grabbed a table, and dug into the People mag I shamelessly pilfered from the doctor’s office earlier this week. (busted) I was enraptured by thought-provoking pop fiction reviews and detailed updates of Britney’s latest naked club romp in NYC when I realized I’d been waiting for nearly 20 minutes. Right about then, I got a call from Moxy. We determined that while I’d been waiting at the Cancun on E. 82nd St., she and Lean had been waiting at the Cancun on Keystone. Ooops. I scuttled over to the Keystone location, where we munched on yummy chips and queso and tried to determine why our waiter Rafael wasn’t very friendly. Lean even breezily spoke Spanish with him, but he barely cracked a smile until the end of the meal, when Lean asked him about his Valentine’s Day plans. And so the timeless tenet of journalism held true – you can always get people to open up if you ask them to talk about themselves.

Although my office was closed today, Lean’s and Moxy’s wasn’t, but neither of them could free their cars from their snowy parking lots, so they took the day off as well. Over dinner we exchanged equally impressive tales of our respective napping exploits and caught up on boys, work, and family. Moxy said a friend of hers was having an anti-Valentine’s Day party, where attendees would play Spin the Bottle and each burn some remnant of a past relationship. Upa!

After dinner, we hung out at Lean’s for awhile. We watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy from last season. I’ve tried watching Grey’s a few times but haven’t gotten into it. Lean says it’s become a bit too dramatic and over-the-top, à la ER but used to be much better. The episode we watched was sooo good, as any episode involving a perma-erection would be.

Next we watched Lost, which I’ve enjoyed off and on in the last few years. I’m getting a little frustrated though – there are too many mysteries up in the air. We need some answers dammit! Thankfully, Sayid is SO FREAKIN’ HOT, little else matters.

I’ve regaled you with tales of Kumquat, Lean’s irresponsible, nutbar neighbor. In the last month, so much more crap has happened, including Kumquat getting in an accident in Lean’s car and totaling it. (R.I.P. Fergus)  Tonight near the end of Lost, there was a bit of new drama. Apparently the crazy-downstairs-neighbor lady thought Kumquat’s kid was being too noisy so she stormed upstairs, screaming and calling him a bastard. (Charming!) Kumquat was livid and threatened to call the cops. Lean and I watched through her barely-open door with our jaws hanging on the ground. Moments later, Kumquat’s Vicodin dealer rolled up for a late-night delivery. Just another night at Casa del Lean! Leave a note in the comments if you’d like me to send you a brochure for her apartment complex. 😉

Before I headed home, Lean and I watched a bit of a DVD she recently received called The Secret. It’s a bit cheesy at times but offers some wise convergent thinking for determining your own destiny. It’s similar to the notions discussed in What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?, if you’ve ever seen it, and if you haven’t, you totes should because it’s inspiring and thought-provoking.

P.S. Tonight’s People perusing wasn’t totally fruitless. I read about an upcoming Wes Anderson film called The Darjeeling Limited. It stars two of my faves, Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody – I can’t wait!


One Response to “Oh, That Cancun”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    I really resisted watching “Grey’s” because when it first started airing they kept showing this promo where Izzie ripped her shirt off to show her bra to everyone in the locker room. I thought that was stupid and exploitive. My mom watched it though, so I eventually caught some eps and got sucked in. I caught up on the first two seasons about a month ago and not watch it regularly. Some episodes still annoy me though. Like, most patients get to live, but they had the super fat lady die on the table. Jerks. Why can’t the fat lady live?

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