Happy Day

Guess what day it is? It’s my One Year Blogiversary – YAY me! A year ago today, I tentatively began blogging. I didn’t say anything to any of my friends at first because I wasn’t sure whether I’d keep it up but somehow I got the ball rolling and despite a few slow patches, have kept it movin’. This makes me delighted for several reasons:

  1. I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs. They’re inspirational, entertaining, and soothing and I’d like to provide that for other readers.
  2. Working through the thoughts and feelings wandering between my heart and mind, corralling, and finally tippity tapping them out on a keyboard is totes cathartic. It’s helped me understand myself and others in new ways.
  3. My degree ain’t in journalism fer nuthin’! It’s only in the last 10 years that I’ve begun to embrace how important writing is to me, how I want it to be a part of my life, and how it’s a key component of my goals. To facilitate all this, I started blogging, so I’m amped that I’ve kept up, learned a lot, and am still going.

I undoubtedly blogging and the blogernet. I must say reading my initial posts is a bit disheartening because I sound downtrodden, reluctant, and self-deprecating – my three FAVORITE qualities! I do feel better this year but am still in the midst of some pretty major personal crap, fueled by several things but in particular, me totally changing my eating last year at this time. It seems that trying to eliminate a relatively pervasive coping mechanism can throw you for a loop and bring up lots of buried, un-addressed issues. *cue theme from Good Times* What can I say? I’m working on it, trying to muddle through one step at a time – all the while hoping I won’t bust my ass on the pernicious ice lurking on the sidewalk outside my office this morning.

P.S. Thanks for reading and please say hello sometime!


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