Doe – A Deer, A Female Deer

I’m a dork who gets excited over things like sneaky shortcuts. I recently discovered one which happens to intersect with a route I sometimes follow for leisurely drives. The new shortcut gets me to work without bothering with the highway. The best part is that it wanders through a lovely, hilly patch of woods. Today as I was driving through, I saw a long line of deer trying to cross the road! I gradually pulled to a stop to check things out and counted 10+ little buggers in a line looking tentative and sweet. I always carry my camera so I grabbed it to snap a pic but it turned off right away because the battery is depleted. Damn! Still it was such a charming sight. I hope they all got across the road safely. Some bunghole in a cheesy, red heap came barreling over the hill so I furiously flashed my lights hoping he’d get the clue, but he missed it for sure and scared a few of the pack away. Once he’d passed, I took a few more moments to watch and then carefully crept past. So neat!

P.S. Note to self: Silky undies (black and lacy with a cutie bow, bizzle) + too-big dress pants with a silky lining = free booty show!

P.P.S. I LOVE Christina’s new video for Candyman. The costumes are SO fun and you can’t possibly sit still while listenin’ to that song. It makes me miss my days of swing dancing.


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