Guess the Movie

Last week a friend sent me an intriguing Excel quiz. It contains snapshots from movies with the bodies and faces of the characters removed but everything else in place. You have to guess what movie the image is from based on the background, costumes, and characters’ positions. For example, the image below is from the quiz:

Austin Powers

Yeah baby! No-brainer, right? Some are pretty difficult though. There are 60 scenes and I only got 23 correct, but it was still fun.

Leave a comment and I’ll send you the quiz and/or the answers. (The worksheet is password protected, but I found a utility to unprotect it so I could see the answers.) Enjoy!

P.S. The file properties list “Stephen Royle, updated by Arno de Wever and Gavin Summers” as author and this Web address:

Edited to Add: WOW – it’s become a full-time job sending everyone the answers, so I’m posting them here. Have fun!

  1. Trading Places
  2. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  3. Dick Tracy
  4. Wayne’s World
  5. Top Secret
  6. Batman Forever
  7. Austin Powers in Goldmember
  8. An Officer and a Gentleman
  9. Footloose
  10. Stand by Me
  11. Notting Hill
  12. About a Boy
  13. Fear & Loathing on Las Vegas
  14. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
  15. The Usual Suspects
  16. Signs
  17. X-men
  18. The Sixth Sense
  19. Dirty Dancing
  20. Titanic
  21. Singing in the Rain
  22. Back to the Future
  23. The Big Lebowski
  24. The Fifth Element
  25. Speed
  26. Big
  27. Jumanji
  28. The Color of Money
  29. Pushing Tin
  30. The Flintstones
  31. Pulp Fiction
  32. Ransom
  33. Full Metal Jacket
  34. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
  35. Hellraiser
  36. Independence Day
  37. ET
  38. Mean in Black
  39. Swingers
  40. Porky’s
  41. Shrek
  42. The Matrix
  43. Grease
  44. Rambo: First Blood
  45. The Fast and the Furious
  46. The Wedding Singer
  47. The Blues Brothers
  48. Purple Rain
  49. The Waterboy
  50. White Men Can’t Jump
  51. The Full Monty
  52. Jackie Brown
  53. Zoolander
  54. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  55. Sleepy Hollow
  56. Godzilla
  57. Bridget Jones’s Diary
  58. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  59. Kingpin
  60. Evolution

99 Responses to “Guess the Movie”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Hi, I was able to get 41 out of 60, but no luck with the remaining 19.

  2. Angela Says:


    We’ve been working on the quiz at work and have 58 out of the 60. It would be awesome if you could send us the answers. We’re all getting ulcers!


  3. Arun Says:


    I’ve recieved teh quiz a couple of days ago; and enjoyed solving it out. Still I’m stuck with 21 of them. Please send me the answers.

  4. Steve Weinreich Says:

    Loved the quiz. With my daughter’s help we have solved 25 of them. Struggling with the rest. Thanks for your reply with answers.


  5. Mike Says:

    I got 49 out of 60 stuck on the rest send me the answers please ty

  6. chrissy Says:

    My sister in-law sent me this and I got 40 out of 60. I just KNOW I’m going to be kicking myself for not continuing to try to get some of these. And I just KNOW I’m going to kick myself even harder when you send the answers. Send them soon please! I’m dying!

  7. d Says:

    really poor score. send answers please.

  8. Sam Says:

    Got 37. But I should know a few more.

  9. Kim Says:

    got 39 so far, i would love the answers. it is doing my head in!


  10. chrissy Says:

    I left my personal address and never got a reply. If I did, it was spammed out. Can you please send the answers to my work address?

  11. Paul Says:

    Had fun all day with the quiz, I got 56 out of 60. I would love to know the answers to the remaining 4.


  12. MINDY Says:

    Please send answers been struggling for a month and want to make it a unit game for work. Thanks

  13. Vici Says:

    Pretty Please send me the aswers, have managed to get 57/60 and the last 2 are driving me crazy!

  14. Kirstie Says:

    Hey, i received via e-mail from one of my friends today, however i am unable to open it, so i am hoping that you could send it to me…as i would love to give it a go….gues the movie that is:o)


  15. Riana Says:

    Hi, can u email me the answer as well….thanks a lot

  16. orla Says:

    hi can you send me the answers, i have until 5 today to finish it!

  17. Shameer Says:

    Hey, I have 59/60 but number 5, is just…seriously…what the HELL? Can you send me the answer to number 5 please?!?!


  18. Michael Says:

    I’d love the answers, too. Only got a paltry 31/60.

  19. Lisa Says:

    One of my friends sent me this last week and won’t help with answers! It is really frustrating – I have managed to get 39 with a little help from my friends – please send me the answers!

  20. Emilie Says:

    i got 52
    i need the answers pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  21. becky Says:

    Brain is now fried! Please send answers!!

  22. trisha Says:

    Please send the answer sheet!

  23. KB Says:

    HI, We’ve been racking our brains at work, and desperately need help with the last 2!!! pleeeeeease put us out of our misery and send the answers. thanks!

  24. HK Says:

    Have got to 43 out of 60. Q59 is driving me mad bcs I know I’ve seen it but mymind has gone blank on the film!
    Please please send me the answers, thanks.

  25. Steve W Says:

    I have the answers if anyone would like a list.

  26. Gil Says:

    Got 38 of 60, please send the answers….before I get fired!

  27. Susan Says:


    I’m having trouble finalising this quiz. Please send the answers

  28. Steve Says:

    Please send the answers i have done 39 of them but are stuck on the last ones i am going mad.

  29. Stehan Says:

    Please i need help with the answers, i cant find more than 41. And i know this will bother me!! 😛 Please please please…

  30. Tanika Says:

    Could you please send me the answers. Have managed to get 40!!!

  31. Jester Says:

    OK, going to kill someone or something very soon……I’m a cinema manager and one of my my staff thought it would be funny to give this to me and laugh when I didn’t get them all!! Up to 57, please help!!!!

  32. Katie Says:

    Hi can you please email me the answers to Guess the movie 2. i have a really really poor score and would like to stop hurting my brain over it (it really really hurts (tears)). THANK YOU

  33. zorz Says:

    Hi can you please email me the answers to Guess the movie 1.

  34. JJ Says:

    I got this yesterday and Im up to 51 out of 60. Would love to show the answers to my co workers. Please send. Thanks!!!

  35. Brain_dead Says:

    Got this from a work colleague yesterday, and although most of them look so familiar my brain isnt co-operating, upto 27/60 *appalling*…please send answers.

  36. Jo Says:

    Would love if you could send me the quiz!

  37. FIN Says:

    love it but can only get 45, need help with the rest PLEASE

  38. Nina Says:

    got 30 correct….could i please get the answers

  39. Glen Says:

    We have got 36 out of 60, would love to know the rest of the quiz answers.
    Many Thanks

  40. Craig Says:


    I’ve managed to get 49 but the rest have got me stumped.

    Can you put me out of my misery!?


  41. Lisa Says:

    I’ve been working on this thing for months and can only get 40 out of the 60. Please send me the answers!

  42. Marie Says:

    Please send me the answers so I can get on with being a wife & a mother…

  43. Terry Says:

    Have got 50 out of 60, can you please send me the answers

  44. Joseph Waker Says:

    Answers Please!! 39/60

  45. Haydn Says:

    i got 51 so far i need the answers for 2,4,13,15,18,23,28,39 and 59. please if someone can help me that would be great

  46. Ryan Says:

    I’ve only got 34/60. Please send me the answers at


  47. Marie Says:

    i got 25 out of 60. Please send the answers.

  48. stacey Says:

    Hi there,

    I am having trouble guessing a lot of these movies…..

    Please could you help my insanity by sending the answers??


  49. Jade Says:

    Like everyone else here, I have come to a standstill with the quiz.
    Please send me the answers…

  50. GREG Says:

    Like most people I have most of them
    Please send me the answers…

  51. james Says:

    like everyone else i think my head is going to explode, the answers would be great.

  52. Lorraine Says:

    I have just been sent this quiz and it is driving me crazy, is it too late to get the answers

  53. kimberly Says:

    I have all but #60! Half my office is working on it…can I please get the answers!

  54. Jennifer Says:

    I got 35 out of 60, I guess I don’t know that many movies 😛 I would love the answers pleae.

  55. lin Says:

    plz…email me thsi quiz

  56. Nuff Says:


    Can you email me this quiz? It looks SOOOO good.


  57. Beth Says:

    hey this sounds like killer trivia. email me it pwease.

    cheers x

  58. Teresa Says:

    We are not able to get the game to take answers 14, 37 and 54 we have spelled them as noted above

  59. mike Says:

    I managed 58 out of 60, was stuck on numbers 5 and 39!

  60. mike Says:

    for the startwars one you have to put starwars 5

  61. Callum Says:

    Fantastic! Took me considerable time (with much help from my best friend) and even then I only got about twelve out of 60. Looking forward to the next set.

  62. Loretta Says:

    We want this for Christmas morning. PLEASE send the quiz

  63. Loretta Says:

    we got about 20 of them

  64. FO Says:

    Thanks for providing the answers! We were stuck on #11 and #57 for a few days now.

  65. Jen Parker Says:

    Please send me the quiz. I’m intrigued!

  66. Fer Says:

    Hi! I’ve been looking for that file1 I had it and accidentaly deleted it lol
    Could you please send it to me? pretty please?

  67. Spicy Life Says:

    Just Copy and Paste in the Excel Sheet

    Trading Places
    Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
    Dick Tracy
    Wayne’s World
    Top Secret!
    batman forever
    An Officer and a Gentleman
    Stand by me
    Notting Hill
    about a boy
    Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
    Star Wars – Episode II: The Attack Of The Clones
    The usual suspects
    The Sixth Sense
    Dirty Dancing
    Singin’ in the Rain
    Back to the Future
    The Big Lebowski
    The Fifth Element
    The Color of Money
    Pushing Tin
    The Flintstones
    Pulp Fiction
    Full Metal Jacket
    Jay and Silent bob strike back
    Independence Day
    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
    Men in Black
    The matrix
    First Blood
    The Fast and the Furious
    The Wedding Singer
    The Blues Brothers
    Purple Rain
    The Waterboy
    White Men Can’t Jump
    The Full Monty
    Jackie Brown
    The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
    Sleepy Hollow
    Bridget Jones’s Diary
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  68. amanda Says:

    can you send me the quiz

  69. amanda Says:

    can you send me the movie quiz please

  70. Dan Says:

    Can you send me the quiz?? Thanks!

  71. Jan Morgan Says:

    Please can you send me the quiz?


  72. Nick Jones Says:

    Please can you send me the quiz? Thanks

  73. lene Says:

    please send me the quiz 🙂

  74. nikki morrison Says:

    hi there! we’ve been looking for this quiz for ages, could you please send it. thanks x

  75. anthony Says:

    i would appreciate this quiz my dad would like it and so would i

    please email to

  76. Brian Parker Says:

    Had this a couple of years ago went down a bmb at new years party been looking since please snd it.

  77. matt g Says:

    i had this file at work a few years ago but lost it. please send it. thanks.

  78. bj Says:

    Can you send me the quiz please?

  79. Mehina Says:

    Can you please send me this game. I had it ages ago and got pretty good scores. I wanted to show another boring work mate about it

  80. banchi Says:

    can you please sent me the quiz?

  81. Taylor Says:

    PLease send me the quiz!

  82. Linh Says:

    I have been trying to find this quiz for years. I once had it through an email in 2004, but deleted it. Please send me the quiz! Thanks!

  83. mike Says:


    I had this quiz a few years ago and couldn’t get 5 of the answers. Just found it after all this time and still couldn’t get the last 5. Probably the hardest film quiz.

  84. Nay Says:

    I did this a few years ago, and would love to try again 😀 If you could send it to me that would be fabbb 🙂

  85. Junou Says:

    I had this quiz years ago and lost it. Can you please send it to me?? I’d love to have it again!! Thank you!!!! 🙂

  86. Ernesto Says:

    Could you send me the quiz.

  87. Michael Haydo Says:

    I would love a copy of the quiz too! Thanks!

  88. Rebecca Says:

    If you still have the quiz I would love to have a copy as well. Thank you.

  89. zip Says:

    Please send me this movie quiz! I had 58 movies and I lost the file and I think I know 1 more 🙂 I’d love to finish playing.

  90. Greg Says:

    Please send me the quiz 😀

  91. hau Says:

    hi, pls send me the quiz thank you

  92. Kris Says:

    Please send quiz! Sounds great!

  93. Mari Says:

    I’ve just read about the quiz and I got interested. Would you please send it to me?

  94. Ruhee Says:

    Finally!!!! The answers. I completed 55 of the 60 a few years ago and gave up with the last 5. Today I found the document saved on my pc and decided to google it!!

  95. Wendy Says:

    I would like to receive the quiz too! xxx

  96. Alyssa Says:

    Could I please have this quiz it sounds like great fun!

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