Great, Just Great

A very sweet coworker of mine got married last weekend. Today we’re surprising her with a little party. I just walked through the lobby and saw an enormous three tier cake absolutely dripping with ooey, gooey icing. I didn’t know whether to pass out or dive face first on the tempting sugary confection. Curses! I practically ran back to my office and tried to calmly focus on my delicious morning yogurt and how NOTHING, not even cake could compare to its yumminess. Besides, who needs cake when you’ve got the lure of low-fat popcorn as an afternoon snack? Cake is disgusting– in fact, I can barely stand the sight of it! Yeah – that’s it. Cake is NAS-TEE! I love carrots and turnips and fat-free pudding, oh my!

UPDATED TO ADD: I must’ve politely declined a piece of cake 100 times! Everyone stalked me until I’d take a little piece and a bit of something called pretzel salad. I nibbled absent-mindedly at the salad for a few minutes and then headed back to my office, where I unceremoniously dumped everything in the trash. Take that delicious wedding cake!!


One Response to “Great, Just Great”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Good for you! It’s so hard to turn down social food. Sometimes I feel like the world is trying to fatten me up before it eats me alive.

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