Crush Update

My heart’s all a’flutter! I was planning to tell you this when I had a chance to write my next post but something new just happened so I’m taking time to spill the beans now.

First I’ll note that my brother and I have been very fortunate in that we didn’t need glasses until our late 20s. In high school, almost everyone I knew had glasses and I was jealous. They seemed so sophisticated. My brother got a pair of personality specs (no prescription) so I wore them once to my art class. I was quickly mortified when someone asked, “Are those fake glasses?” Hmph – glasses can be an accessory like earrings or banana clips, right?

Finally in college I was “blessed” with a very minor astigmatism. I only had a slight problem seeing the blackboard from the back of a classroom. Once I finished school, I didn’t wear my specs for a long time. Later I started having a little trouble seeing at night and from far away so I got an updated prescription and some new, fun glasses.

In the last year, my vision has gotten noticeably worse. I’m having a hard time making out road signs (my bad!) and things that aren’t nearby. I’ve started wearing my glasses more often and just this week wore them at work even. Well remember my office crush? He noticed my glasses yesterday and pointed them out. Then he got sort of tongue tied and mentioned that he used to have to wear really thick glasses. Poor crush. After our mini-chat, I wandered back into my office and sat down. About 30 seconds later, he peaked his head in the door and said, “The glasses look good.” Can you believe that? We’re practically boyfriend/girlfriend now! 😉

Then today he apparently noticed that I didn’t have a mouse pad so he scored a fancy one with the company logo on it and brought it to me. *swoon* I need to start picking out our china pattern!

In the aftermath of all this, I’ve donned my glasses, brushed my locks, and reapplied my lip gloss. I also plan to begin systematically eliminating essential supplies from my office so he’ll notice and bring me more stuff, thereby giving me a chance to woo him with my Mymsie-ness.

P.S. for Nerds: I use an optical mouse, which technically doesn’t require a mouse pad but you can be damn sure I didn’t tell him that.


One Response to “Crush Update”

  1. Maxine Dangerous Says:

    Are you still crushing on this guy? He sounds very sweet. 🙂

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