TILT – I’m It!

This Thursday, I’m lovin’ these 5 interview questions from Tesslouise:

  1. I was going to ask how you found me, but I think I found a soup recipe on your blog, right?
    • That’s right and it’s a yummy one. Mmmm, butternutty.
  2. What is the last meal/dish you cooked?
    • Funnily enough, last night I made this chicken soup. I also tried a quickie, low-cal dessert recipe a friend recently sent to me. I was rather skeptical because of the odd melange of ingredients:
      • 1 envelope fat-free hot cocoa mix
      • 2 Tbsp flour
      • 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
      • ½ tsp of baking soda
      • 2 tsp of applesauce (natural)
      • 1 tsp water
    • I should’ve known better than to try a single serving recipe that calls for enough baking soda for 2 cakes! Dear Lord, it was sooooo gross and very funny-looking. It also disintegrated in a frightening manner when touched. Bad idea. BAD.
  3. What magazines do you subscribe to/buy regularly?
    • I subscribed to Cosmo for a long time, but recently decided to stop as I’ve read enough “Get him to notice you” articles and “Ooops, my boob is showing” stories to do me for a lifetime.
    • The New Yorker – more on why I love it here.
    • I thumbed through Glamour recently while waiting in the lobby of a doctor’s office and was impressed. It seems things have improved since I last looked. I’m thinking about subscribing. There was some coverage of notable issues but everything was dolloped with just the right amount of makeup suggestions, celebrity tidbits, and fashion don’ts. Not too pithy and not too serious – perfect to read when soaking in a bubble bath.
      • Interesting snippet from the March issue I read: “In an attempt to curb machismo, this tiny Spanish town [Fuenlabrada] just passed a law that will require half of its traffic signs and signals to depict female silhouttes.”
  4. If you could have a $50 gift card to any store, what store would you choose?
    • Hmm, this is a toughie. Since I’m probably the only Web developer in the free world who doesn’t have an iPod, I’d say Amazon.com although my inner craft geek would go bananas for a Michaels gift card. Of course I love organizing so I’d probably drool a little over a gift card from The Container Store. I don’t want to decide too hastily though because I’ve been wanting to try some of Lush’s delicious soaps and creams BUT am also smitten with Luxe Paperie’s boxed notes. In closing, a Lodge Manufacturing gift card would be just the ticket so I can snap up this adorable apple pot I’ve been stalking for so long. Aren’t you glad you asked?
  5. Do you want to have children?
    • Definitely, but there are many ifs between here and there.

P.S. If you’d like me to send you 5 questions to answer, leave a comment saying “Interview me!”


2 Responses to “TILT – I’m It!”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Actually, you are one of only two web developers in the free world who doesn’t have an iPod.

  2. Turtle Says:

    Interview me! My blog is pretty new, but I’d love a meme!


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