Step 1 of 4,814,966

Despite many shortcomings, I’ve always been relatively organized. Everything has a particular place and I enjoy creating and nurturing each item’s niche. When I was little, I carefully sorted all my babies’ diapers, bottles, and outfits according to purpose and when applicable, season. I’ve always kept a detailed calendar complete with tasks organized into various categories (Microsoft Outlook, will you have my babies?) Once I organized my Mom’s office supplies and labeled everything so she’d know what was where. A few stray bits, including a compass, all had one thing in common so I labeled them “Items with a sharp point,” which my Mom found terribly amusing.

Anyone who knows me well can tell from the condition of my apartment that I’ve been running on empty for the last year. Things have been so crazy that all my tidy tendencies have fallen pathetically to the wayside in favor of an unruly, cluttersome MESS.  I’ve also run out of space and have to figure out how to reorganize in order to make room for everything. I’ve made list upon list detailing what I need to do but haven’t actually started doing anything because I’ve felt so overwhelmed. Having Pappy here has helped me get all this shiznit in perspective – we’ve even begun making progress. In the last few weeks, the storage closet off my patio went from this:

Storage Closet Before

…to this:

Storage Closet After

I cannot tell you the amount of satisfaction I’ve derived from this. It’s all I can do to keep from burning my other stuff and moving into the safe, pristine womb of my storage closet.

We also organized my shoe/coat closet, making plenty of room for the sassy heels I just got on sale at Nine West. The fun does not stop around here! Stay tuned for my photographic essay on my new recipe filing system.

P.S. I put that utility shelf together my-self. It involved complicated handiwork like stacking wire cubes and snapping plastic, circular connector dealies into place. Basically a lot of hardware got OWNED.


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    Step 1 of 4,814,966 | Distracted by Something Shiny

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