Uh Huh, This My TILT!

All the bloggers, stomp yer feet like this:

  • (Oh my God, I’m a dork.)
  • Still, I love Gweny’s bangs in this pic. I’m getting my hair cut soon and am thinking about going shoulder length baby.
  • Have you heard the Silversun Pickup‘s single Lazy Eye? Great balls of fire, I love it. Could they be channeling early Pumpkins any more? The drummer even looks a smidge like James Iha. They’re playing in Chicago in April but it’s on a Monday night, so I’m not sure if I could swing it.
  • Speaking of concerts, B and I got tickets to see Ben Gibbard in Chicago in May. HOLD ME!
  • I’d been waiting in an online queue for nearly an hour today to get a really cheap ticket for Lollapalooza when my browser crashed. 😦 I scurried back into the queue as quickly as possible so hopefully I’ll be able to get a ticket. Lolla was STELLAR last summer so I’m sure it will be great this summer AND I’ve heard rumors that Pearl Jam might be headlining. 
  • Don Kramer told me there’s a movie coming out called The Last Mimzy. It looks kind of bizarre but it’s good to get my alias out there, albeit with a different spelling.
  • My new office is always freezing and I’m normally hot natured, so for me to be uncomfortably cold means it’s sub-zero up in here. I asked the receptionist where the thermostat is for my section of the building and guess what she told me? It’s in my crush’s office! I plan to saunter in there (wearing my glasses of course), flutter my lashes, and note pervily, “I sure could use some big, strong arms to keep me warm!”
  • I woke up at 6 a.m. this morning, a mortification to any dyed-in-the-wool night owl. I’ve been wanting to take a luxurious bubble bath for a few days now so I just stayed awake and soaked in the tub. It was relaxing and sudsy and wonderful.
  • I finally finished reading The Devil Wears Prada last night. The novel’s juicy dish appeal practically reaches from the pages and grabs you. It’s like your favorite candy laced with nicotine – impossibly irresistible and addictive. Lauren Weisberger is certainly a gifted writer with keen insight and a quick wit. The book is a VERY fun read although it wasn’t quite as great as I thought it would be.
  • In the tub this morning, I started another carefree, decadent read, Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. After only 40 pages, I’m totally hooked.
  • I ♥ these items, any of which you’re welcome to buy for me: 😉
  • I forgot to mention this but did you happen to catch the series of reports about Bob Woodruff on Good Morning America last week? They were phenomenal! It’s truly a miracle he’s alive and I think it’s beyond admirable that he’s now working to help others who’ve sustained traumatic brain injuries.

One Response to “Uh Huh, This My TILT!”

  1. JayDub Says:

    Meems, I DID catch the Woodruff series. Incredible indeed.

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