“Punkt” Is Just A Fancy Way Of Sayin’ “Bullet”

I know I just bulleted my TILT (only a true blogger could understand that sentence without thinking twice), but I have such an odd mish-mash of thoughts to share, only said beloved format will suffice.

  • Mustard is OK, but it should never be the default condiment on a sammie.
  • I could barely keep my eyes open at work this morning so I finally relented and dashed to Panera for a steaming cup o’ java. ‘Tis true that most 30-year-olds are fresh and vivacious but I’ve had a LONG week made extra busy with a new yoga class (I promise to tell you about it later) and several appointments. That’s meant 12-hour-days and noticeable difficulty detangling my hair in the mornings.
  • I can’t be friends with anyone whose alias is “Ms. Petite.”
  • I almost always bring my lunch to work because it’s easier for me to make healthy choices. Unless there’s a special occasion, I eat lunch at my desk, which means I get to leave a bit earlier at the end of the day. My coworker in the office beside mine does the same thing BUT she closes her door while she eats lunch. What do you think she’s doing in there? I’m so curious! I bet she changes into a rubber unitard, pulls out a slim remote control, and with the push of a button, lowers a pleasure swing from the ceiling so she can practice her dismounts. Either that or she cross stitches while chatting quietly on the phone with her Great Aunt.
  • Earlier this week  in an effort to brush crumbs from my desk, I got a nasty paper cut. Since I was on the job at the time, I’ll be filing a work(wo)man’s comp claim. I simply cannot work with this pain – I use the ring finger on my left hand ALL.THE.TIME. 
  • I’ve never liked Diet Coke but I love Coke Zero. It tastes enough like regular Coke to trick even the most discerning diabetic into a sugar coma. Besides that, I applaud any calorie-free beverage that doesn’t include “diet” in its name. Lisa told me about My Coke Rewards – you redeem points from Cokes you buy and win cool stuff. So far I’ve only accrued enough points for a free popcorn at the movie or some lame stickers but I’m still workin’ on it. If you drink Coke products you should definitely send me the codes under the lids or in the cardboard cases. I won’t share my prizes with you but you’ll at least get to read about them.
  • I’m attending my office’s annual birthday party tonight. It’s my first time but apparently I can expect a riotous affair with cocktails, dinner, dancing, and schmoozing. *yawn*

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