Save This

Man, the time change is kickin’ my butt this morning. I was not feeling cooperative when my alarm blared at an ungodly hour. I’ve been in Indiana long enough that the recent adoption of Daylight Savings Time has rendered me crotchety and apt to utter statements that begin with, “In my day…” Thankfully I had enough sense to prime my coffeemaker last night so this morning once my body shuddered into submission, the smell of freshly-brewed Hazelnut soothed my weary soul.

When I was leaving Target yesterday I got a free sample of Archer Farms coffee. Hopeful, I tried it last night but was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t disgusting but wasn’t super tasty either. These days I grind beans in the grocery store so my coffee is extra fresh and the sample was pre-ground, which may have hurt its chances a bit.

In other coffee news, tighten your bra straps for Starbucks Coffee Break this Thursday, March 15. You can get a FREE tall coffee at any ‘bucks near you! They will undoubtedly be unloading a lot of old grounds they’ve had backed up but I’m not one to turn down free nectar of the Gods. 

How was your weekend? Moxy, AZBad, and I planned to see Music & Lyrics yesterday but ended up cancelling because of errands, the time change, and AZ’s impending move to Chicago. Lean met her boy toy in Chicago so Mox and I kitty-sat this weekend too. Mitters was especially lovey when I dropped by Saturday evening.

A good sign it’s time to close a blog post: You’re rambling about how affectionate your friend’s cat is.


One Response to “Save This

  1. Amelia Says:

    Free coffee? Yeah. Hell yeah. Might have to drag the munchkins to the mall tomorrow (or is it today now? sheesh, bedtime!).

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