Tons o’ Bun Fun

I’m a sure-fire sucker for snuggly buns. Their floppy ears, pink schnoozles, and whiskers askew never fail to melt my heart. Don’t even get me started on those sweet fuzzy paws and the tender innocence floating in the pools of their attentive eyes. When I’m feeling blue, I often check out some of my favorite bun pics on Flickr – it’s a guaranteed pick-me-up!

My brother and I had two buns growing up – Tarbaby and later Snuffles, both of whom I worshipped. When Tarbaby died, we buried him in the backyard and held a simple memorial service. I have a foggy memory of clutching my father’s warm, fleshy hand and tears spilling from my eyes as we bowed our heads near the mound of fresh soil.

During one of my many aimless wanderings about the Web, I stumbled upon Polka Dot Mittens and Operation Haremail – Help A Rabbit Explore Many An Interesting Location! It’s a fun swap in which you exchange bunny-related gifts and delicious chocolate buns with another blogger. Fun, right? I can’t wait to find out who my buddy is – he/she can expect a delectable package of unique goodies. Apparently last year, bloggers far and wide participated. Maybe I’ll swap with a heaving Greek satyr, ready to sweep me off my feet in a whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean. Or perhaps I’ll be pared with a bookish, Swedish farm girl who’s gluten intolerant and fond of sparkly nail polish. I may even end up trading buns (dirty) with a hunky parolee, fresh from Flint, Michigan’s renowned penitentiary facilities. Regardless – this swap promises loads of fun! If you’re interested in joining the merriment, hop on over to Polka Dot Mittens.

P.S. I don’t normally talk about this kind of thing on a first date but I feel we’ve established a rapport such that you’ll guard my delicate secret with the utmost care. If I’m having an especially bad day, I check out these pics of angora buns with their fur all teased and poofed. TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS!


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