We Need Your Help!

Lean’s nutty neighbor crashed her beloved purpley-blue Toyota, whom she’d so lovingly dubbed “Fergus.” He was a good car with tons of flair. He gave and gave until he just couldn’t give no mo’. When Lean first bought him, she decided to name him Norman but later realized he was clearly a gay man named Fergus. (DUH)

Her new car is quite similar to Fergus. It’s a ’98 tealish-green Camry with a rockin’ tape deck and a convenient, overhead sunglasses holder. Its smooth purr, yuppie sensibility, and faint ‘Jenny from the Block’ vibe have left us stumped for a good name. Lean half-decided on Gunther, which is OK but doesn’t seem quite right. My Dad suggested Camilla, which I like, but Lean doesn’t feel a feminine energy from her new ride. What’s a girl to do? Survey her readers of course! And so I give you:

Operation Name Lean's Hoopty
You’re jealous of my incredible graphic design skillz, aren’t you?

Vote for the name you like best OR suggest your own. I can’t wait to see your answers and share them with Lean. Don’t be shy now! I’ll let you know the results once I’ve run them through the Nametron 5000.


9 Responses to “We Need Your Help!”

  1. JayDub Says:

    how about something that indicates THIS car IS NOT up for LOAN to ANYONE, no matter what damage it might do to my Karma?

    camry spelled backward?
    yrmac (UR mac) (EEar mac)?

    Scott? or the alternative spelling for scott–Scoot….

  2. Ruby Says:

    I like your dad’s suggestion… Camilla the Camry. Sounds kind of mafia-esque! 🙂

  3. Amelia Says:

    Who’s that blue chick from the X-Men? Mystique! How about that?

  4. Smed Says:

    Hey back!

  5. Doug Karr Says:

    I had a friend that called all his cars Igmwig.
    (It Gets Me Where I’m Going).


  6. Michelle Says:

    I got it. Have you heard of “The Secret”? Perhaps if you name it “Bentley”… and you treat it like a… Bentley, it will-in fact-turn into a… Bentley.

    …or “Mercedes” …or “Viper”.

  7. A-frame Says:

    I like Amelia’s idea – Mystique. Esp. since she’s teal.

  8. A-frame Says:

    To clarify, by saying “She’s teal,” I meant the car, not Amelia.

  9. shiran Says:

    Help me by today lost my earingf pls help +e!

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