Really Tired or Just Plain Lazy?

I prefer ‘lacking in awakeness.’ After work yesterday, I stopped at the sto’ to pick up a few groceries and some sushi (spicy shrimp rolls – mmmm) and then headed home. After I’d taken Abbs out, I gobbled down my sushi, fell asleep, and didn’t rouse until 6:30 this morning! I guess I was exhausted, which explains why I could barely stay awake at work yesterday.

Since I fell asleep on the couch, I slept all wonkily and today my neck is sore. It’s too much of a strain to hold my enormous head up so I think I’ll just rest my noggin on my desk. Now that I have my own office, I can nap in peace, which I’m sure is something my boss has always wanted for me. 

Earlier this week, I made a fancy move, brilliant in its utter doltery. Moxy gave me a ride home. When I got out of her car, I leaned down to say goodbye and then tried to shut the door, when I apparently forgot that my face was in the way. I ended up jamming the top corner of the door into my check/jowl zone. Who does that?? You can’t possibly doubt what poor depth perception and spatial sense I have now. That’s why I’m a terrible parker and why it often looks to me like cars are creeping too close and will hit me. Thank God for the horn – how else could I befriend truckers AND warn drivers to stay in their lanes?

The best part of the car door debacle is that it left a not-easily explained mark and swelling in its wake. Any suggestions for reasons one might have a mark like that, other than the truth, which is mortifying? It’s not easy to tie a cheek injury with rescuing a kitten from a tree or pulling a baby from a burning building.

P.S. Perry Farrell is 48 today. FORTY-EIGHT! How can he be nearly fifty? Does that make me old-by-proxy since I’m a Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros fan? And don’t forget he had a hand in creating Lollapalooza. He introduced Gnarls Barkley at Lolla last summer and the crowd understandably went bonkers. He’s left an indelible mark on music and hopefully will continue to rock for a long, long time.


One Response to “Really Tired or Just Plain Lazy?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Just returning the hello! If your posts are all as fun as this one, you’ve just earned yourself a new reader. 🙂 My mom and I were once looking at jewelry in a glass case when she leaned her head around to get a glimpse of the prices on the underside of the boxes, smacking her forhead right into the glass! We laughed till our sides hurt, because you’re right…who does that?? 🙂

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