Nappy Mules

As I type, Lean is sitting on my couch filing her toe nails. Fortunately that’s not a good indication of the weekend I’ve had. It’s been lots of fun and I’ve also rested plenty too. Lean has had a few yucky days so we’re having a slumber party tonight. She rented Kinky Boots, which so far is funny and endearing. Lean just told me the guy who plays Lola the drag queen in this film also played the guy Kiera Knightley’s character married in Love Actually. DAMN – that’s range! He has beautiful, smoochable lips and gorgeous, mocha skin. And while we’re pontificating about our largest organ, I’ll note that although I LOVED my recent Aveda experience, I did suffer a mini-breakout which I think is related to the facial. My skin is ridiculously combination and finicky though, so most people might not have a problem. (Especially odd is that I seem to get blemishes in constellation-like patterns. Cursed Mymsie’s Belt!) When the stylist who cut my hair mentioned the free facial, I thought about politely declining but didn’t want to make a fuss. Next time I’ll casually mention the contagious flesh-eating virus that’s found a home on my baby-soft cheeks.

Lean brought over some birthday pressies she’s giving a friend of hers so I got to wrap them – YAY! Love the wrapping. I even made fancy silver bows, which involved my stapler and some precision cutting. (And what good time doesn’t involve those things?)   

P.S. One other think about Kinky Boots, Joel Edgerton who plays the main character is HOTTTT and looks a bit like a young Patrick Swayze. (“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”)

P.P.S. Lean was just looking through my book collection and found All Creatures Great & Small which natch lead to us to sing a few stanzas of one of my favorite hymns, All Things Bright & Beautiful. Lean’s a dork like me so she knew the words too. As our voices joined together in song, I better understood what might give others reason to question our coolness. Those haters just ain’t ready for our jelly!


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