Somebody’s Got Some Splainin’ To Do

Whoever is responsible for the severe drop in temperature, extreme winds, and bits of contemptible snow falling from the sky had better report his ass to the principal’s office, on the double, yo!

I forgot to mention a few of the fun things I bought Monday evening at Target. I got season five of Seinfeld on DVD, Lily Allen’s “Alright, Still…” and “Carnavas” by the Silversun Pickups. I was especially chuffed about the latter because it only cost $6.98 – how much of a bargain pimp am I?! I also got these cutie skimmers. I’d just about decided to buy a pair of these but couldn’t resist the $14.99 bargain at Target.

While I’m recappin’, I may as well mention a few more details about last weekend. Saturday Ern and I saw a play called Big Love – a modern twist on timeless themes thoughtfully peppered with nudity and sex. It’s about 50 sisters who flee to the Italian coast to avoid being forced to marry their cousins. Groups of the male and female leads offer visceral, resounding laments on the state of their sex, complete with screaming and desperate pounding on the floor. We learn that although love can conquer all, it doesn’t necessarily have to, rather individual freedom should guide your life.

For we all live together
and come to embrace
the splendid variety of life on earth
good and bad
sweet and sour
take it for what it is: the glory of life. 

Despite the lofty nature of that notion, one of my favorite quotes from the play came when Thyona, the most feisty, pertinacious sister responded to a cheesy ode to love by declaring, “This is not about sunshine and olive oil!”

The play took place at the Wells-Metz Theatre on the IU campus in Bloomington, which is a very raw, deconstructed, industrial space. Rows of seating line several balconies, right up to their edges, which practically beg you to lean forward and hang over. Ern and I have seen tons of plays in this theatre but never observed any incidents like we did Saturday. Five different times during the play people dropped something from the balcony. Most dropped playbills but toward the end of the show, a woman nearby lost something much more significant that crashed at the edge of the stage floor and sounded like it contained glass. I felt so bad for the poor lady – she must’ve been mortified! Not that I would know. I mean, it’s not like I dropped anything. Ok, that’s a lie. But it was only my measly ticket…and it was before the show started, so it wasn’t nearly as egregious as the other incidents, right? *crickets*

One other thing – I finally watched Babel last weekend. Good movie – I liked that it was non-linear and sort of free of the trappings of a traditional narrative structure. It involves several overlapping, tragic stories, each with varying degrees of happy endings, and yet I was left with a sad, empty feeling. It’s definitely not a movie to watch after you’ve had a bad day, but it’s worth seeing, especially to simply observe the vastness of our collective experiences. There are such enormous discrepancies between our environments and the details of our plights and yet a universal human condition ties us together.

P.S. If you saw Babel, what do you think the deaf Japanese girl’s note to the detective said? Did she kill her mother or am I way off?

P.P.S. Mmmm, these glasses make Josh Hartnett look extra nerdy and delicious!

P.P.P.S. The lady in the office beside mine just said, “replacement balls.” Huhuhuhuh. 

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