Interfering with Haremail is a Federal Offense

Oh man, I busted Abby BIG time Thursday night. I went out to see The Peaceful Warrior, which was highly recommended by a friend. Well OK, it wasn’t a friend. It was my therapist. Heh. Regardless, it was an uplifting film – a little cheesy, but overall very thought-provoking and inspiring (of the What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? and The Secret variety but a little more Lifetime-made-for-TV-movie-ish.) So I left my apartment to head to the theatre and realized I’d forgotten to bring my rent check to drop off at the main office of my apartment complex. I rushed back into my apartment to grab it and found Abby in the midst of a very naughty deed. All week I’ve been shopping for fun items to add to the Haremail package I’m sending, which of course includes some yummy chocolate. I’d foolishly left the bag of goodies on my office chair, easily within Abbs’ furry, scheming reach. By the time I walked into my apartment, she’d already eaten an entire bunny ears Kit Kat! Soon no doubt she would’ve torn into the Lindt chocolate bun too. The look on her face was priceless. She was SHOCKED I’d returned so early. When she knows she’s been naughty, she slinks over to the door, leans up against it, bows her head, and looks up innocently with big doe eyes. Nice try hound! Fortunately for her, I didn’t have time to drop her fluffy booty off at the sausage factory.

P.S. Why on earth would Abby be a chocolate stalker? She certainly didn’t get any lessons from me. No-sir-ee. Maybe her birth Mama was a candy-lovin’ pup. Yes, that’s definitely it.


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