Oh, what a fool I’ve been. When I tentatively emerged from my warm apartment this morning, white bits floating hither and yon stopped me in my tracks. In my drowsy state I foolishly assumed a ferocious spring wind was asserting itself by whiping innocent flower buds from the trees. Because what else could it be? I mean, it can’t be snow. I know that by fall I’m longing for nature’s icing to blanket the land but if Mother Nature’s learned nothing about me she should at least know what a fickle imp I am. I’m ready for spring dammit – hold the record-breaking pollen and intermittent cold snaps! WHY won’t she bow to my will?

I left my phone at work last night and felt surprisingly disconnected. I also wasn’t 100% positive it was in fact in my office so when I got to work moments ago at 6 a.m. after a 10-mile-run, I was pleased and relieved to find it nestled under a stack of papers. PHEW!

Last night Lean and I hung out and watched Lost. Girrrrrrrrrl, did you see it? I’ve been on and off with that show but this episode offered intriguing answers, new, titalating questions, and fresh impetus to keep watching.

I often blog in the evenings but just haven’t felt in the groove this week. It’s also been really difficult for me to stick with a reasonable food plan, which generally means something’s a’brew in my squidgy gray matter. It’s just been one of those weeks – not terrible but the mundane tasks of each day have felt exorbitantly, trudgingly painful and loathsome. I’ve been such a slacker, I haven’t even told you about my weekend yet – you’re totally dying to know, right? Stick with me!


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