Just Your Average Post About Eyelashes, Veganism, Taxes, & Wolves

From the moment I woke this morning, I’ve had a pesky, twisted eyelash akimbo. It’s torturesome and naturally I’ve plucked out 100 fringies except the culprit. Cursed lash – bother me no more!

Lately I’ve been reading several vegetarian and vegan blogs and yesterday I did a lot of reading about veganism on the Vegan Outreach Web site. I cried several times because in my heart, eating meat just doesn’t feel like the right thing for me to do. I managed to be a vegetarian for a few months but was constantly on the run and therefore planning very poorly. I definitely did not get enough protein. Eventually my hair started falling out, so I quickly returned to my carnivorous ways. I don’t normally eat much red meat though. My Dad grew up on a dairy farm and when I was growing up, his father gave my family a side of beef every year. We always had the most delectable hamburger, steak, and roasts which ultimately spoiled me. I never, ever ate “other” red meat because it couldn’t compare with Grandaddy’s delicious fare. Long after we stopped getting beef from him, I stuck with my red meat-eschewing ways because I was accustomed to other meat not being as tasty and in truth, it never felt like a “must have.” I do appreciate the occasional steak but am positive I could cut read meat out of my diet completely without too many problems. Chicken and seafood will be more difficult, but basically, it’s the direction in which I’m headed. I am, however, INSISTENT on not becoming one of those stalker freaks who puts other people down for eating meat or wearing leather or even secretly lusting after pastrami. I may have to throw a little red paint on someone though because it seems like it might be fun.

Update: Remember when I told you about my eyelash problem? Yeah. It’s still bothering me.

I have to do my taxes this weekend. It doesn’t take very long and is terribly easy to do online but daunting nonetheless because I’ve put it off. This year will also be a bit more complicated because I have four W2s! (Want one?) I normally have two – one from my regular full-time position and one from teaching part time at IU but last year I switched jobs twice. In February I left my Web position with the state. I loved the job and the people I worked with but it paid horribly and it was time for a change. I tried a full-time instructional design/editing position but my nerdy heart could not be denied. After about five months, I switched to a full-time Web position at a new place, where I hope to remain for awhile. I did a bit of freelance work last year too. I eventually felt overwhelmed and had to drop the ball, which I’m grateful for now because FIVE W2s would just be embarrassing.

I just finished assisting an Access class. It’s my last teaching gig until the summer semester. I will relish the break, during which I’ll sleep in on Saturdays, enjoy mere 8- rather than 12-hour days, and maybe even bay at the moon. Speaking of – yesterday on Good Morning America I saw a segment about Shaun Ellis who raised two abandoned wolf cubs in the wild. He lived with a wolf pack, totally immersing himself in the wolves’ environment and adopting their ways, right down to patenting his howl and devouring carcasses alongside his furry comrades. A documentary was made about his experience and it’s airing Monday night on the National Geographic Channel. Sadly, I don’t think I get that channel so if you happen to see the show, I’d love to hear all about it.  If you don’t do anything else today, watch the trailer for the program and you’ll see Ellis teaching a cub to communicate by howling. It’s adorable but also fascinating because the cub’s instincts and nature are so palpable. It’s clear that Ellis has a special relationship with the weensy bugger, who is in turn very eager to learn. Amazing!


One Response to “Just Your Average Post About Eyelashes, Veganism, Taxes, & Wolves”

  1. JayDub Says:

    Memsie–I saw the trailer for the Elliot piece. That wittle black wolf was too much, wasn’t he? 🙂

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