Again With the Oregano?

It seems kind of silly to be writing about last weekend now, especially since it’s basically the week after next but never let it be said that I can’t eek a novella out of a 2-bit beerfest. I had last Friday off and then met Lean, her long-distance boyfriend E, Moxy, and Ms. K at Moe & Johnny’s for beers and chatter. We had a ball AND Lean’s beau gave us a man’s perspective on some interesting issues, one of which I’ll be blogging about soon. Here I asked the gang to give me their best sexy looks:


It’s a cutie pic. Lean’s rockin’ the drunk sexy look while E’s all “I’m too cool for school” sexy. Rawr!

Next I asked everybody to give me their best crazy faces and I triple-chocolate-dip LOVE the result:


Totally blowin’ that mother up to an 80′ x 100′ and hangin’ it in my living room. So cute!

I’ll take a pass on detailing what went down later that evening, but suffice it to say there was a blow job, some tweezers, pizza, and E moanin’ desperately from his drunken nest in Lean’s bedroom. We know how to tear it up!


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