Courting Predicament

I’m pleased to introduce a new feature in which I’ll present “hypothetical” dating scenarios and kindly ask for your thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to spread the word – I’d love to get lots of feedback from different perspectives. If you have a dating dilemma you’d like to share, e-mail me at courtingpredicament [AT] gmail [DOT] com. I promise to carefully guard your anonymity.

Now onto our first predicament – hope you enjoy!

The Players*

  • Lucinda: A gorgeous, thoughtful, 30-something tree-hugger with sass and a nice rack. She’s turned to the Internet in her quest for love.
  • Morty: A lovable, cute, gaming geek living at home and clinging to the tale end of his 20s. While he initially returns to the nest to help his ‘rents through a health crisis, he hasn’t flown the coup yet but wants to.
  • Babette: Morty’s busty platonic pal

The Sitch

Morty happens upon Lucinda’s MySpace and falls faster than he can “friend” her. The pair meet for a date and soon exchange more than e-mails. Morty proves to be doting, sweet, and very attentive to Lucinda’s body. He even makes clever, romantic suggestions like luxurious baths à deux.

Lucinda digs Morty but is tentative because of the slight feminine tinge to his personality. Privately she wonders if she might simply be a stop on Morty’s winding trip to GayTown. Lucinda eventually concocts a clever way to address the subject but Morty insists that aside from an isolated pre-pubescent romp, he’s a card-holding Straighty.

Things progress quite well for Lucinda and Morty. After a few weeks, he invites her to join his family for an upcoming holiday celebration. Lucinda doesn’t want to move too quickly so she politely declines explaining it’s a bit much for her at such an early stage.

Soon after, Lucinda heads to sunny California with a close girlfriend for a long weekend. When she returns, Morty reveals he had a smooch fest with Babette. Lucinda knows of her and has even seen a picture. Aside from noting Babette’s ample assets, Lucinda hasn’t given her much thought until now. Morty adds that Babette never wanted to date him but changed her mind once he started dating Lucinda.

Poor Lucinda feels hurt and perturbed but treads carefully since she and M-dogg only just started dating and definitely had not decided on exclusivity. Within a few days, Morty is overcome with guilt and reveals that he and Babette did more than kiss – they slept together while Lucinda romped unaware on the West coast. Morty offers a truly heartfelt apology, seems genuinely concerned he’s blown it, and begs forgiveness.

What’s Lucinda to do? Does she have a right to be upset with Morty? If so, should she overlook the slip and continue dating him with caution or kick his nerdy ass to the curb? What do you think of Morty and his clandestine tryst with Babette? And how about Babette – what is her deal? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

*Names have been changed to protect the guilty.


6 Responses to “Courting Predicament”

  1. Alex Says:

    Lucinda bolts. There is too much shakey ground here, what with her gay-dar beeping, him wanting her to meet parents so quickly, and last but certainly not least, SLEEPING with someone else while she getaways in Cali.

    Life is too short to try and superglue a relationship together, especially when it’s this new. These events are only indicitive of what will continue to come.

  2. Amelia Says:

    I agree with Alex. Dating someone who is living with his parents is a baaad idea.

  3. Gretchen Says:

    Get rid of him and move on to find someone new…too many questions unanswered…he’s lying at suck a new phase of this relationship. Go Lucinda!

  4. A-frame Says:

    If M-dogg’s done it once with Babette, he’s done it before with some other ample-asseted (omg) individool. Be careful, Lucinder.

  5. Justin Says:

    Since exclusivity hasn’t been entirely decided on, you can’t blame the kid for tapping the best friend. We’ve all wanted to.

    Seriously, though, folks, DTR early and often. Exclusivity will not bite and will save your ass when this happens.

    At the same time, there are a lot of warning signs here. Individually any one or two could be overcome, but those trees are making one hell of a forest. I say put him on double secret dating probation, and if he sets foot off the straight (ha!) and narrow, he’s gone.

  6. Moriarty Says:

    So? What ever happened? You know, hypothetically.

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