Guest Post by Abby-dogg

Dear Auntie Lean,

Thank you for taking care of me this weekend while Mama is away! My pupsitter usually lets me eat as much kibble as I want. I also get to have ice cream with every meal AND if I feel like tearing something up, I can. I especially like to shred Kleenex, so you can leave some lying around if you’d like. My pupsitter also takes me over to the dumpster two or three times a day so I can snuffle in the trash and find goodies that wasteful people have thrown out. At night, I like to snuggle close and guard you. While you try to sleep, I’ll chew on my bone real loud so it’s not too quiet in the bedroom. My collar may also jingle a lot and if I’m feeling frisky, I’ll bring you one of my babies so we can play – I know you’d rather do that than sleep! In the morning, if you’re not awake and I’m hungry, I’ll hop on the bed and breath my fresh breath in your face to wake you up. From there, you can take me outside, prepare my first meal, and we can discuss the day’s plans while I look for snacks in the fridge.

 Just wanted to fill you in on how things go around here while Mama is gone!

Abby Lee Floofenheimer


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