I had an awesome, relaxing, inspiration-filled weekend but was exhausted yesterday morning and decided to call in sick. Originally I planned to go into work at lunch but later opted to take the entire day off. I strategically alternated naps between my cozy bed and plump couch. I also enjoyed bad daytime TV peppered with the soothing snorts of Abby’s multiple kips.

In lieu of a more coherent post, I present a Pop Culture Roundup. It’s been awhile, no?

  • I ♥ this teapot.
  • Never let a day pass without noting how SCRUMPTIOUS Ed Norton is.
  • Lollapalooza’s summer ’07 line up already features several personal faves including Polyphonic Spree, Muse, and Silversun Pickups. (Remember when I mentioned them awhile ago?) I hope Incubus is added to the line up too. With an upcoming album, the first since 2001, I’d hoped the Pumpkins would make a cameo but they have other performances scheduled so I don’t think it’s meant to be.
  • The other day, I IMd this sentence to a friend: “I forgoddasay I can totes be the navigator but I am so bad with dirs. I’ll download some good ones from the ‘nets” Great balls of fire – I’m rotten with Internet slang!
  • Snaps to Jeffrey Gaines for his cover of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes. I heard it for the first time last weekend. He pays proper homage to the classic but adds his own flair.
  • And speaking of covers, have you heard Cake’s facsimile of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs? It ROCKS!
  • Holy Hare Krishna’s croissants ladies, high waists are back!
  • Blogs rule.
  • I can practically smell the sweet aroma of these Japanese cherry blossoms.
  • I’m addicted to tote bags right now. It doesn’t help that Lands’ End is offering free shipping on any order through May 1st. Who wouldn’t want this preppy number neatly monogrammed with your initials? (Enter the source code FLOWERS and the PIN 895887521 on the Billing Information page below the credit card payment field when you check out.)
  • My new office has a musty smell that’s only noticeable when the door’s been closed overnight. I’ve tried leaving it open but the janitor always closes it. The lady next to me even left a note on her door to please keep it open but found it closed the next morning. How can I rid my space of the stink?
  • I’ve gotten a great response from the first edition of Courting Predicament. I’d love to hear your own dating dilemmas. Don’t forget to send ’em to courtingpredicament [AT] gmail [DOT] com.
  • In a few short hours, I managed to whittle my main e-mail account’s inbox down to 24 messages – hooray! (Don’t ask about my other e-mail accounts.) 
  • These vintage fruity embroidery patterns tickle me.
  • With the oomph of newly-aquired Web software giant Macromedia, Adobe’s CS3 release looks absolutely unstoppable.
  • In closing, check out this sweet Cinnamon bun.

One Response to “Slacker”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Jeffrey Gaines! I never thought anyone would do a better version of “In Your Eyes”, but he gives Peter Gabriel a run for his money.

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