Strange Cravings

MilkI had some pretty odd cravings last weekend- not odd as in “sardines and okra in curried dandy-lion butter” but odd as in “unusual for a Mymsie in her normal habitat.” For example, I’ve never liked milk. My Mom said when I was a baby I’d drink just enough to get by but no more. Chocolate milk is OK but I’ve always found the taste of regular milk to be ucky. In the last few years, I’ve found I can tolerate sips here and there but this weekend, I experienced full-on cravings for plain ol’ cold, creamy cow juice. On Sunday I drank two little cartons of it and savored every drop.

'nanasI’ve also always loathed bananas – both their taste and texture (squidgy). “Yech,” I’d say. But Saturday cravings steered me to eat two, count ’em, TWO ‘nanas, both of which tasted delicious and satisfying.

I should note that most of my meals last weekend were cafeteria style so both the milk and the bananas were in my presence before I craved them. I guess I could’ve been swayed by their availability but there were plenty of different kinds of food available, so I’m not sure.

My great grandmother always said you crave foods that have the vitamins or nutrients your body needs at a given time. Maybe my innards were jonesin’ for potassium?

I’m not accustomed to changes in taste like this. What’s next? Will I start to think Joan Rivers is funny?


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  1. Amelia Says:

    Saw these, thought of you:

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