For the love of God, do not think about cupcakes!!

CupcakesI bet now all you can think about are delicious, fluffy, icing-drenched, ooey-gooey cupcakes, huh? That’s sort of what happened to me yesterday. Since I couldn’t blog because I was observing the One Day Blog Silence, an avalanche of great post ideas inundated my weak mind. I wanted nothing more than to sit before my laptop and type endless screens of adventurous tales, chortle-inducing anecdotes, and links to things I know you love, like bun pictures. Naturally at precisely 12:00 a.m. this morning, every last cotton-pickin’ idea disappeared into the murky depths of my subconscious like terlet paper succumbing in a recently-flushed terlet. (Nobody ruins a drool-worthy cupcake picture like I do!)

Today all I can manage are a few tidbits from my weekend, which I hope you’ll happily devour in lieu of something tasty like a freshly-baked you know what. Nothing too noteworthy happened on Friday, aside from a shockingly-long wait for the bill at O’Charley’s. Saturday I got up early to run some errands. Once again, I was roped in by Target’s irresistible Dollar Spot and left the premises with quite a few items. I scored two mater plant starters, a cutie tin planter, a mini memo board for my office, a fun card-making kit (because two-rooms’ worth of card-making supplies is simply not enough), a pair of tennis socks with cherries embroidered on them, and a sassy, reversible headband. (They’re all the rage you know.)

Later Oakie and I drove down to Bloomington to attend Ern’s party. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, making our trip all the more enjoyable. At the soiree, I suspiciously-eyed the cake and bitterly munched cauliflower and celery sticks. Several of us sat outside on the deck and chatted while we watched some kids play. One happily blew bubbles while the other leapt dramatically and popped each devilish suds. As the bubble-blower explained it, the bubbles were UFOs that had to be popped to release the aliens. Watching the pair giggle and squeal, I wondered why on earth adults don’t play like that. Oakie and I both agreed we have very active imaginations and do play, um, with ourselves (get your mind out of the gutter) but it’s not often that adults get together to play make believe. Shame that.

Since it was a windy day, while we sat on the deck, Oakie and I started a count of how many people’s paper plates and cups blew away. We chuckled smugly as the count grew until I spilled my drink. Diet Pepsi dripped down through the cracks of the table and plopped into my shoe, making a slurpy, sticky mess. That’ll learn me to mock other’s misfortune!

After most of the guests left, several of us stuck around to play games and have dinner. A few peeps played a game called Ticket to Ride. It involves maps and route planning, neither of which is my forte so I hung back and insulted all the players’ techniques. Later we played team Scrabble and let the record show that my team KICKED ASS. We rocked so hard that other players wept at the feet of our inimitable vocabulary and strategy. (My flimsy excuse for a competitive spirit is showing, isn’t it?) I usually get frustrated playing Scrabble because I have plenty of ideas for words but can’t seem to concoct clever, thoughtful plans for placing them in high-scoring areas. Alas team Scrabble was perfect, because someone else handled that aspect of our game. My proudest moment came when while on the horn with Lean (who thoughtfully offered to take Abbs out while I was gone and called to report on the movement of her bowels), I casually glanced at my team’s letters and like Robert Langdon gazing upon the Mona Lisa, saw the word “jicama” shining clearly. I overlooked my teammate’s initial rebuttal of “Jicama?? We don’t even have an H!” and cheered with complete abandon when after learning the proper spelling, that teammate found a spot for our starchy root vegetable that netted us 75 points. That’s right bitches – SEVENTY-FIVE POINTS! Oh, it truly was a great day in Scrabble history – a great day indeed.

Later we all gathered round for some yummy grilled goodies. I had a veggie burger – my first grilled fare in awhile and it was super tasty. Soon after, Oakie and I headed back to the Circle City, tummies full, still giddily chattering about The Great Jicama Incident of 2007.

My plans for Sunday were thwarted, so I ended up holding down the couch for a few hours, having dinner with a friend (because I needed sustenance after maintaining such a rigorous napping schedule), and then hanging out with Lean for a few hours. We watched a few Sex & the City reruns and cooed over how yummy John Corbett is. We laughed at the episode in which Charlotte dates a GREAT guy who is a TERRIBLE kisser and compared notes about our own experiences. When I first started dating “Juan,” whom I’ve mentioned before, I was overwhelmed by his hotness but man was he a bad kisser. Funnily enough when we reconnected more than a year later his kissing had much improved. That made me wonder if someone had mercifully told him, “You are so damn hot but your smoochin’ needs a little work.” Regardless, I was happy to benefit from the enhancement. Mmmmm – cupcakes, jicama, and Juan. 


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