Springtime for Mymsie

I forgot to mention what I did Saturday night or more importantly, which malevolent dictator reincarnate I saw. On our way home from Bloomington, Oakie and I popped into the Slippery Noodle to hang out with Lean, Moxy, and Ms. K for a spell. Moxy introduced us to her new beau who is especially yummy! We all listened to Carol Lockridge sing the blues, sent one another text messages, and noted that most guys are still wearing their pants low on the hips, just past their cracks.

During one of Carol’s rip roarin’ performances, I glanced by the bar and saw him, head bobbing up and down, an appreciative smile spread across his face. Sure, this guy was a few inches taller than the real Hitler but when I slyly pointed him out to Moxy, she fervently agreed he was in fact the Führer’s doppelganger. We watched as he got more into the music, swaying back and forth and swilling his beer, finally so moved he drunkenly threw an arm around his “Eva.”

It was strange seeing Hitler in that setting. Maybe next weekend I’ll spot Mussolini’s long-lost twin at the Red Garter


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