*blink blink*

My current state is easily explained by quoting Jerry: “I’m on no sleep. NO sleep!” (Remember that episode?)

Poor sweet Moxy has a terrible cootie so I took her to the emergency room at 4 this morning. (Lean sat up with her Wednesday night.) She was sick as a dog and so dehydrated and scared and you know what a terrible feeling that is. The nurse told us there is a super yucky tummy bug wreaking havoc in guts all over town. After fluids and some so-good-I-want-to-make-out-with-it nausea medicine, Moxy was feeling LOTS better. I left for work while she has some more tests. Please send her happy, healthy thoughts! 

P.S. At aforementioned ungodly hour, stoplights are extra shiny!

ETA: It’s not a tumah – it’s a kidney stone! 😦


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