Dinner with the Rizczechs

A few weeks ago, I suddenly wondered why on earth I wasn’t eating rice cakes more often. True, they’re not as delicious as say, the Cheesecake Factory’s Unbelievably Rich Black-Out Cake, but they’re tasty in their own way – some savory, some sweet, and all very low-cal and low-fat. I marched my ass to the grocery sto’, got some caramel ones, and really enjoyed ’em! Again, I’m not tryin’ to front and pretend they’re the bomb (I’m so street) but in a pinch they’ll do just fine. I tried the buttered popcorn ones and they’re delish too – salty and filling. Nice to intersperse them with real vittles and their crunch is super satisfying. The only downfall I’ve found is the crummy mess they leave on my heaving bosoms. And so my search for the perfect snack food continues…

P.S. Ben Gibbard is now in Atlanta for his solo show and because B is a poohead, I missed his Chicago show. EVERYONE PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF WHAT A POOHEAD B IS. Theeeeenks!

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