Stumped for an Interesting Title

At IU, we’re migrating to Office 2007, which totally boggles my mind but time marches on whether I’m clinging to my abacus or not. I offered to “keystroke” some of the materials we use in our classes, meaning I work through them and make note of how things have changed from Office 2003 to the latest version. Over the weekend, instead of doing that or cleaning or organizing or blogging, I napped, made purdy cards, drank a damn good margarita, and watched Cathouse with the girls. I also scored Every Second Counts by Plain White T’s for only $5.98 at Target. I love Hey There Delilah, am sick of hearing Hate on 99x, and don’t know diddly about the rest of the album but figured at that price, I couldn’t go wrong.

While I’m prattling about music, I should mention that I heard the first single from Perry’s Farrel’s latest project Satellite Party last week. It’s called Wish Upon A Dog Star and I dig it. The bass has a familiar Pretty in Pink flavor but the whole song feels fresh and modern. Everything’s punctuated by Perry’s unmistakable tenor twang. Apparently Fergie of Fergalicious fame was a contributor on this first album – should be interesting to hear what she added to the mix.

P.S. My sweater is awash in crackly static so I’ve been spraying Static Guard all over it today. Unfortunately, 90% of my spritzes have missed their target and drifted down to the plastic mat in my office that makes my chair roll smoothly. Now it’s slick as hell, causing me to nearly biff it several times. Genocide in Darfur? AIDS epidemic in Africa? Pffft – my flo’ is slippery and that’s trouble!


One Response to “Stumped for an Interesting Title”

  1. Maxine Dangerous Says:

    I almost biffed it a few minutes ago when my chair stuck on my mat and I continued moving forward. Ah, the visual of my chin striking the desk and my teeth, formerly implanted firmly in my head, arcing over the laser printer…

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