I’m Cool Because I Have A Lot of CDs…

…but don’t be too impressed because one of them is the Honey soundtrack.

I’ve mentioned (ad nauseam, no doubt) that I’m the midst of reorganizing my apartment. It’s been necessary for awhile now but became more urgent when I bought new bedroom furniture. The resulting melee spread into every nook and cranny of my pad, forcing me to make lots of decisions about where stuff belongs and how it should be contained. For example, I’ve always kept my CDs in a cabinet with windowed doors, allowing me to easily see what’s what. About a year ago, my collection outgrew that cozy home. Since then, I’ve designed some clever interim storage solutions but they simply cannot contain the madness. I’ve debated about ditching all my CDs’ plastic cases and moving the shiny little bastards into albums. I could organize them in a million different anal retentive ways and they’d take up so much less space. Still, I’ve always liked the idea of being able to quickly browse my collection in its cabinet but that’s become unrealistic, unless I’m willing to rent a PODS. I also don’t want one of those living spaces that seems to showcase electronics and assorted ephemera of that nature. I’d rather let my pictures and knickknacks and blow-up yak be the show stoppers. 

The space conundrum has coincided with my reluctance to switch to digital downloads instead of buying CDs. I’ve made excuses because I don’t have an MP3 player (shut it!) and most of my music listening happens in my hoopty and therefore requires CDs. I usually rip my CDs onto my laptop and work computer anyway, plus, I like to rock it old school – there’s something satisfying about my stacks and stacks of bricks and mortar CD cases, complete with perfectly printed cover art, liner notes, and even stickers, as was the case with Beck’s latest “The Information.” But buying and storing all that mess is quickly growing more costly, impractical, and wasteful, so I’ve officially decided to pitch the plastic cases, move my CDs into albums, and try to stick with digital downloads. I’ll need several storage albums and I’d like them to be matchy matchy but not too cheesy. I found a good candidate at Target but there were only two in the store and I need more than that. Any ideas where I can find three to five 200+ capacity CD albums? (Not an option.) I just checked Amazon.com and found this, which isn’t bad. I’m really anxious to wrap up this project because the amount of floor space it will free up in my apartment will BLOW YOUR MIND. I’ll even have room for that parquet dance floor I’ve always dreamed of!


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